Does it take more than one healing Mass to feel different?

I went to my first healing mass last night. I asked the holy spirit to heal my feet as I have been having trouble with them I also asked to heal me where he thought I needed it.

Should I feel different? Does it take more that one healing mass to feel different. During the mass and the healing I would get this cold/warm feeling several times through out. But once it was my turn I didn’t feel that.

Am I over analyzing? I am a believer.



EVERY Mass is a healing Mass. And it is not all about how one feels. It’s all about His love for us and our need for Him. Just drawing near Him in the tabernacle is healing. He heals us through our love for Him as expressed through our willingness to trust Him. Keep your focus on Him rather than on how you feel.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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