Does J.Lo Want Every Little Girl (and Boy?) to have a Chance at Pole Dancing In Life?

J.Lo blasts Super Bowl “too sexy” critics

Jennifer Lopez wowed the world during her amazing Super Bowl Halftime Show performance with Shakira, but not everyone was so impressed with her moves. The show featured pole dancing, kids in cages and a children’s choir. When asked at the Independent Spirit Awards on Feb. 8 if the show was too sexy, Jennifer answered quite succinctly: “I think that’s honestly silliness.” The superstar continued, “Both of us are really respectful performers who are moms and have kids and are very conscious of what we do. We [put on] a show that I believe was a celebration of women and our Latino culture that I think was really well reserved. And that small faction of people who want to be negative about it, I can’t even let in. The message of standing up for yourself, being a women, that’s what I want to pass on to little girls – everything about you, be proud of it. I’m very proud of the performance that night.”

True women want modesty, not what JLo is backing. She is much into the culture, and doesn’t see or care to see the negative impact of her performance on men and children.


Pole dancing is not my idea of a being a woman.

Her message is not the message any woman I know wants to give their daughter.


Is there anyway to get our young women and men turned away from this highly sexualized culture that many entertainers feel is the norm? It’s not that they need to become the Puritans again but they need to know the difference between something decent and something raunchy.


I’m going to sound a bit wild here I don’t think pole dancing is intrinsically evil. It is actually really difficult and requires a lot of strength and practice. Pretty healthy form of exercise to do. Unfortunately it is just happens very sexualized, which is sad. If somebody wants to do it in their own home it’s probably fine, though.
I also watched this performance (i’m not American but I’ve heard so much about it and how scandalous it was) I understand why people were mad since kids shouldn’t watch something like that and I imagine lots were, but it kinda just looked like a normal pop concert performance. I don’t know what people were expecting. It was scandalous and sexualized but a lot of pop music is. Even songs that sound innocent aren’t. I wasn’t very shocked :neutral_face:


Actually I didn’t see the performance but I have seen J.Lo and Shakita, both in other venues and they are raunchy performers 2DMAX. We’ve had close to 60 years of this oversexualized culture, its time for a change. Let decency come back and sensibility come back and morals come back and why not even the Flintstones come back ( I threw that last one in since I was on a roll ).


I tend to agree with this. It’s a workout technique that builds strength and control.

Variations of workouts on the pole have been performed in circuses for decades; another variation would be a workout on a rope (remember the joys of trying to climb a rope back in high school?! Not easy!).

In the olden days, a performer named Eli Bowen, who was born with no legs, performed a beautiful routine on a pole, using his powerful arms to perform various maneuvers. I have a picture of him doing this routine, but I can’t find that picture online.

Yes, it’s too bad that pole dancing has become sexualized, but so have many other things. The fact remains that it’s a good workout.

When you think about it (but don’t think too much about it), sports like gymnastics, especially the routines on the beam and the bars, could be considered “sexy” depending on who is performing the routine. Nowadays, so many of the female gymnasts are tiny little women with a petite figure. But get someone like Tracee Talavera on that beam…she was from a different era in gymnastics when it was OK to be tall and womanly.

My biggest problem with the JLo show were the costumes that were just too flesh-baring. Not necessary at all, even in Miami. People can still live the beach life with a little more skin covered up. But I have noticed that even in church, many of the Latino women routinely wear revealing dresses (cleavage, legs, belly, etc.), and it does seem to be a part of Latino culture, and I’m not sure that it means “sexuality” in that culture. I would hesitate to criticize something that might just be normal and modest in another culture.

Remember the Victorian era, which was about as repressive as it gets–but the women’s dresses, which were stifling in the amount of material used and the number of layers under the dress (a corset, several petticoats, at times hoops when they were in style, etc.)–but the bosom was very prominently revealed, even in elderly women! It always shocks me!

Humans seem to vary from age to age with what is considered sexy!

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Anything for money, but im sure there are hundreds of female entertainers who would never consider doing such acts.

Its a good time to get back to marching bands and the innocence they represent.


Agreed. And there is a big difference in circus acts and pole dancing. Yes, pole dancing takes strength, but honestly, guys in a strip club are not there to marvel at women’s physical strength. Circus acts do not have the sexualized type of moves that are in pole dancing. The super bowl show dancing was blatantly sexualized. Even without the pole.

Just because the costumes do not raise an eyebrow in other cultures does not make it right. It just means they are further down the line of accepting something that should never be okay.

Would J-Lo dance like that before the Mother of God and think it was something to be proud of? She states she is proud of her performance.


Pole dancing is Latino culture??? Sure, J Lo.


But showing their *ankles" would have been scandalous!


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I have relatives who feel the Latino community highly identifies with sexuality mainly and they are proud of this. The Latino community is way so much more than this and many of us our insulted by this statement. Promiscuity is nothing to be proud of in life; its a cope out for not being responsible for ones actions. We could really use a St Ignatius Loyola now to talk to people.


Jennifer Lopez and her followers are . . . influenced by the demonic.


Not always. There are pole dancing competitions and they’re not in strip clubs. It’s a recognized sport and could be considered for the Olympics. Obviously. there’s a ways to go if people mainly associate it with stripping.

I saw the opposite; it seemed toned down to me. And the main reason JLo had pole dancing was because it was was reference to her latest movie.

I do not understand why a pole being present means anything at all.

Reading her statement makes it obvious why we should not formulate our own moral or ethical standards.

A tiny anecdote: In a former life enforcing the law, I had occasion to receive into custody a woman who was 40 years old and who was a pole dancer. Twice the age of many others in that occupation, it struck me as profoundly sad. All I could do was reassure her that she was loved infinitely by God. In exchange, I received a blank stare, as if she had never heard that before - and she had been raised Catholic. We can only deliver a message of hope during the short time allotted us.

But, to be proud of pole dancing at 50…


Are they Latino? If so, how to they articulate this exactly? I’m asking because they have a poor understanding of Latino culture or are struggling to describe it.

JLo played a stripper in her last film. Each of their performances was a medley, if you will, of their body of work and culture.

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Look up pole dancing competitions onYouTube. It is officially recognized as a sport.

Don’t conflate pole dancing and stripping.

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When one is on a roll, it’s always best to reference the Flintstones.

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