Does Jesus care how you dress for Mass?

I’ve always held the view that Jesus doesn’t care what you look like when you go to Mass, but I’ve heard rumors that you have to look your best for Jesus. Which is it? Does Jesus really care what you wear at Mass?

Don’t you care how someone dresses when attending an important meeting with you? If a date showed up wearing sloppy sweats and ratty flip-flops, what do you think it would say about that person’s attitude toward your date? If you were interviewing someone who showed up in short-shorts, a spaghetti-strap halter, and barefoot, would you give that person a job?

If someone dresses as nicely as he can for Mass but cannot afford better, that is one thing. But if someone deliberately dresses in such a manner that he indicates he doesn’t think Mass is important and doesn’t care what God and neighbor think about it, then yes, I think such an attitude might offend our Lord.

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