Does Jesus have 23 chromosomes from his Mother Mary?

I was listening to Immaculate Heart radio (San Diego) when I was driving on August 17, about 2:10 pm.
I remember vividly the date and time, because the host said that Jesus has 23 chromosomes from Mary.
I always have believed that Jesus was placed fully formed in her womb, and that Mary was inviolate. Probably no one ever told me that, but that’s how I’ve understood it.
If there were an egg involved, there would be chromosomes, I guess? Then Mary was more than the bearer of the child? But then, where did the other 23 chromosomes come from?
For some reason, this bothers me. I tend to like my lifelong belief that Jesus, fully formed, was placed in Mary’s womb, by the Holy Spirit.
Chromosomes and Jesus together never entered my mind before, but now I can’t seem to wrap my head around the idea.
Jesus existed before Mary, so how did he get 23 chromosomes from her?

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