Does Jesus have a belly button?

From one of my students in religious education class: Does Jesus have a belly button?

Rather than answer your student directly, I recommend leading your class through a series of questions so they can answer the question for themselves.
*]Do human beings have belly buttons? (Yes.)
*]Why? (Because they were once attached to their mother in utero.)
*]Is Jesus human? (Yes. He is true God and true man.)
*]Did Jesus have a mother? (Yes, the Blessed Virgin Mary.)
*]Was he born of his Mother in the way humans are born? (Yes. Although there is some discussion on this point, it is not necessary to go into the fine details with your students at this time.)
[/LIST]Conclusion: “If we’ve established all that…” [you say to your students], “then you tell me, does Jesus have a belly button?”

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