Does Jesus have memory's of his pre-existence?

Do you think Jesus, now incarnated as a man, remembers his life in his pre-existence?

What do you mean by “pre-existence?”

The Son is eternal, and omniscient, so if you mean does the second person of the Trinity have knowledge about how things were before He acquired a human nature (but not before the Son existed, since there is no before He existed), then yes.

But if the question is whether or not from His human nature He has human memories/knowledge that are in some way distinct from the knowledge He has by virtue of His divinity, and how (if there is such a distinction) His human knowledge interacts with His divine knowledge, then I have absolutely no clue about either part of that question, but would guess that if anyone has figured it out then it’s probably St. Thomas Aquinas.

It’s an interesting question.
When I think of things Jesus Christ said. “I and the Father are one”, “To have seen me is to have seen the Father”
Well, the church teaches that the incarnation is a great mystery. So you’d just have to be good, go to heaven and ask Jesus.

I do not have any memory of where I was before my mother’s womb. I just can’t remember.

I take this to mean the existence of Jesus Christ before he came to earth.

I would say yes but still with a bit of the limitations as being a man.

Good question in the original post.

What? He is God, so… yes, of course!

In St. John’s Gospel, Jesus is shown as having complete and total knowledge of his pre-existence as God the Son. But it’s unknown how much His human nature knew before His baptism. Of course His divine nature always knew He was God. But did His human nature always know? Or did His human nature gradually come to understand His divine nature - with His full understanding of Who He is coming at His baptism? It’s a mystery - a mystery we will only know when and if we make it to Heaven.

Definitely: Although Jesus took on human nature He is always divine, He had a divine personality, not a human personality. It is called the Hypostatic union, a human nature united to a divine nature, with only a divine personality. He was completely human, but a divine person. So Jesus was still God, and still man= God-man. He was always united to the Father and the Holy Spirit in His divine Personality. He said “Father Glorify me with the glory I had with you before the world was created” He never left His pre-existence, He is still God. for God all is present. His human nature existed in time, He bridged time with eternity through His human nature

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