Does Jesus love you?


Objectively speaking, does Jesus love you?



when you do post the poll there should only be one choice “yes”



That was my intent. But it wouldn’t let me do just one.

So…now we’re stuck with an open thread with varying options. :shrug:


*]Definitely yes
*]Unconditionally yes


Don’t forget ‘4. All of the above’. :smiley:


I choose #4, “all of the above” :smiley:


He thinks I’m to die for!


He doesn’t always like the things I do, heck I don’t always like the things I do, but He definitely loves me.


God loves everything from germs to human beings. Otherwise these things wouldn’t exist!:smiley:


Yes. A lot of times it doesn’t feel like it. But when my momma spanked me, it didn’t feel like she loved me then either. I was bad and she wanted me to be good. (Even now I know I’m still not where God wants me to be 'cause some days I seem to get spanked a lot.)

Spanks for asking.



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