Does Jesus set the bar too high?


I wonder how we would cope with a less than perfect role-model.I mean if Jesus was shown to be at times weak and sinful.
At least I would have some empathy for him being more human than divine.
But I just think we are bound to be disappointed with ourselves when we realise how much we come up short in regard to imitating (or trying to) Jesus.


If he was sinful, then God is sinful and not worthy of worship. We may not be as perfect as Jesus, but we’re not called to be perfect. We’re called to be holy!


Is that right? Can I quote you on that?


my fear is that I have not tried hard enough to be like Jesus – you know? – Thomas a Kempis The Imitation of Christ?
We are sinners but we are still called to holiness. I have known the prayer to my guardian angel since childhood. But I’m saying it regularly to help overcome the temptations of sin. On EWTN radio somebody said that angels are very powerful beings. We should invoke their help to defend us.



I’ve learnt something today. Thanks.


But I suspect many people were more holy before they joined CAF. :slight_smile:


Today I read a few paragraphs in The Fulfillment of All Desire, by Ralph Martin, which may be relevant here (and to your other recent thread on Ron’s legacy).

Teresa [of Avila] also speaks about the importance of reaching the right balance in the knowledge of our sins and our weaknesses and our knowledge of the mercy of God. The correct perspective will produce a true humility, which is the foundation of spiritual growth.

Teresa herself had to struggle to understand how it was possible that God could actually be working in her life while she at the same time still had obvious weaknesses and imperfections. She recounts how the devil used her awareness of her “vanities and weaknesses” to discourage her and tempt her to give up or deny the action of God in her life…

Many of the saints talk about the importance of self-knowledge regarding our own sinfulness, but never apart from knowledge of the mercy of God. If we aren’t sufficiently aware of our sins and weaknesses, presumption and pride may dominate; if we aren’t sufficiently aware of the mercy of God, discouragement, fear, and despair are dangers…

So stay humble. You are not perfect. Rely on God who alone is perfect.


You want Jesus to sin!?:open_mouth:


Word/phrase twisting is a very common practice on here I notice


You’re right. How bout we go flip over some moneylenders’ tables?


Catholicism ain’t a religion for wimps


But we sure do have whiners and bellyachers :roll_eyes:


I have had similar sentiments. But then I remember how St. Teresa was before her conversion. She had no desire to be a nun, yet saw that it was the best and safest state, and so, little by little, she was determined to force herself to embrace it. She goes on to say how God rewards such “violence” with oneself. “When I took the habit, the Lord soon made me understand how greatly he favors those who use force with themselves in serving him.”

Our temptations are like little jewels. They are precious in the eyes of God. We are not perfect. But I think that’s why God gives us so many graces.


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nice post thanks. I know grace is the magic I will always need.


Here ya go

On a more serious note… no, Jesus didn’t set the bar too high. Remember, He will never give us more than we can handle.


Yes that is one of the important teachings out of Vatican II. The universal call the holiness.


But that’s a big part of the point. We keep humble, because no matter how awesomesauce we might think we are, we’ll always fall short of how we compare to Jesus, the perfect model. We know that God’s not going to judge us based on how we compare to Fred, or Tom, or Suzy. He’s not going to say, “Well, you did better than 45% of everyone else. I guess that’s good enough.” He’s going to compare us to Jesus… and every single one of us is going to fall short.

And that right there should scare us, just a little bit… or at least sober us up when we’re feeling secure and a bit arrogant.


How depressing! :slight_smile:

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