Does John Kerry recieve communion


If I interprit this right he still does I have a problem with this. If someone disagreed to such a magnitude when the apostles were alive they certainly would not recieve communion the apostles would not let them. Im sure this has been posted before but I am interested.


Mr. Kerry did attend mass and receive communion regularly for photo ops during his failed presidential campaign more than 2 years ago.

I couldn’t tell you if he’s still doing either at this point in time, but I’d be suprised if he didn’t start attending and receiving if he runs again in 2008.


From the article you linked in your post:

“An attempt failed to single out politicians among those who should refrain from communion if they “knowingly and obstinately” reject and repudiate the key church teaching.”

Apparently the Bishops are not prepared to start identifying and/or condemning individuals in public life who by their speech, votes, writings, etc. advocate positions that conflict with Church teachings. I would take that as a hint as to how the rest of us should behave as well.


I am sure that Mr. Kerry receives communion if and when he attends Mass. Same with Nancy Pelosi, Arnold [can’t spell his last name so I won’t try], Christine Todd Whitman, Teddy Kennedy, Mario Cuomo and just about every other “Catholic” politician.

Rick Santorum and a couple of other faithful catholics are the exception not the rule. Sad as that is to acknowledge. Democrat or republican, most catholic politicians are pro abortion.


I dont want to condemn him I just want him to know that he should not consider himself a Catholic if he is not IN communion with the Catholic Church.

In my opinion all it is saying is it is OK to disagree with the Church in certain areas and still be considered Catholic. To me it is sending the wrong message.

I would guess that the atendance at Kerrys Church disagres with alot of Church teachings. If John can disagre why cant I. I wonder how many of them practice contriception.

Again Im just conserned. Im not in anyway saying my opinion is greater than theres but I would like to know how they come to a different conclusion than me Or handle it differently than I would.:slight_smile:


I agree with Island Oak. I think this is a “it’s none of your beeswax” moment. Why should we worry if Mr Kerry receives communion or not?


why not let Martin Luther or Billy Grahm take comunion. It has been something I have always wondered since his campain. personaly I dont think he should. I dont see how you do not see where Im coming from. I do see somewhat of where you come from. but shouldnt it bother you somewhat. Am I a bad person because I am concerned about this. Im not trying to stick my noise in somewhere it does not belong. I dont know the state of Johns soul Im not trying to figure it out either but If I went to his Chruch I would have a problem with seeing a man who claims abortion is OK recieving communion. I mean you can have a priest give a homily it is wrong and then John leaving Church telling the press it is OK. If im going somewhere I shouldnt I apologise. But I do not doubt that I am the only one here who wondered the same thing. Just being curious.


Because Mr. Kerry is a public figure and least during the campaign he decided to wear his Catholicity on his sleeve in order win Catholic votes. He is in fact by his very political stance against the unborn. He is in a position to protect the most innocent humans in Society and he has turned his back on them. Him being filmed and photo opping constantly at Mass during the campaign makes it our beeswax.


thanks decn2b. for a moment there I thought I was all alone. obviosly the bishops have had some concern over it. And lay people should not just lay idol. Our opinion does count we do have a obligation to speak up on certain things. And this is something that concerns me. I think that it really hurts the Church.


Yes, it does hurt the Church. And we should be concerned. There are some Bishops who are willing to take a stand against this, but unfortunately they are few and far between. All the more reason to pray fervently for them.


What about the vast majority of Catholics who use birth control? I’ll bet some of them are posting at this forum, pretending to be faithful Catholics.


I’m inclined to agree that it’s a none-of-your-beeswax moment. Holy Communion is a fire that kindles the “furnace of charity” within a worthy recipient. It is also a fire that will BURN the unworthy. But, as I understand it, priests can only refuse to administer the sacraments to people who have been excommunicated publicly or placed under the penalty of interdict.

The obvious thing to do, I think, is for the Holy Father to declare John Kerry–nay, all politicians who support abortion-- to be under that penalty. Then, and only then can priests refuse to administer the Blessed Sacrament to these people. I would think that a priest who knowingly administers sacraments to people under the penalty of interdict would face very harsh disciplinary action indeed.


For those who missed it the first time it was posted or didn’t have their glasses on when they read it:

We are all aware that reception of the Eucharist with regard to public figures varies from bishop to bishop. There are differences of opinion and practice.

Please let’s keep the discussion in the same vein that the USCCB will….the rules or protocols will involve the issues, not individuals or political parties…

Thread closed – those wishing to discuss the bishops statements are free to open a thread discussing the issue…and it appears someone has already done so here:

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