Does Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believe in the same God?

I did a paper on the three Abrahamic religions, and what struck me the most was that Islam seems to have just as much in common with Christianity as Judaism. Of course we use the Old Testament which includes the Torah which is the most important books in Judaism, however the Qur’an is full of Bible stories, and they emphasize on Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus very much in the book. The only difference it seems is that like Judaism, Islam is all oneness of God and views the notion that God came as a person as blasphemy, and also reject the crucifixion claiming God saved him from crucifixion and made it “appear” he was crucified. I only ask this because it seems the three do in fact worship the same God, all with a different belief of that Gods truth. I have heard people say “No Islam worships Allah”, but the reality is Allah is just Arabic for God ,actually Bibles translated in Arabic for Arab Jews and Christians also refer to God as Allah. It is interesting, and the similarities actually seem to outweigh the differences.

I don’t think so. For example, Jesus is God in Christianity where a human being (prophet) in Islam. This list of contradictions is long.

All three believe in the same God, but our understanding of Him is very different. Judaism is the precursor to Christianity, and believe in the God of Abraham, acknowledging him as the one, eternal, almighty God. What they lack is the revelation of Christ as God’s son. Islam also believes in the God of Abraham, and worship him as the one, eternal, almighty God. They also lack the full revelations of Christ, and have added in the revelations of the man Mohammad.

Despite the incomplete understanding of Judaism, and the downright flawed understanding of Islam, both of them acknowledge the existence of a single, all-powerful God, and direct their worship towards Him and Him alone. As such, while we may disagree on many things, we can in good conscience acknowledge that all three groups are worshiping the same God to varying degrees of completeness.

They do.

Arabic Allah, by the way, is related to Hebrew Elohim, which also roughly means “God”. Arabs and Jews are Semites, being ethnically related. :nerd:

Allah is not obliged to be rational. The Christian God cannot do anything that is contrary to his nature. The Christian God is a Trinity. Islam says that chastisement will befall anyone who believes that Allah is a member of a Trinity. Christians approach God through the merits of Jesus’ passion and suffering and redemption. Allah is unapproachable, and communicates only through angels and prophets. God loved sinners to the point where Jesus died for us while we were slaves to sin; Allah needs to be loved before he’ll love a sinner enough to forgive his sins. Do they sound the same?

They are the same in that they are directed towards the single creator of the universe, the one, almighty, all-powerful God. Our understandings of him are drastically different, but we cannot deny that they are praying to the same God we are by virtue of the fact that they are seeking to pray to the God of Abraham.

Don’t misunderstand, I believe that the Islamic understanding of God’s nature is abhorrently flawed and completely irreconcilable with Christianity; but that is not necessarily the fault of the average Muslim. I don’t think God would refuse to listen to the prayers of someone seeking Him simply because they have some flawed notions about Him and His nature.

These are all just ways of worship.

God the Father is God. Jesus is God. Holy Ghost is God.

Muslims worship God the Father. So, they worship our God, God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob.

Of course, by not worshiping our persons of Holy Trinity, they do not worship God in His fullness. Still, they worship Him.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do indeed worship the same God, and are considered the 3 major monotheistic world religions.

We all spring from the line of Abraham. The first son (Ishmael) was born of Hagar, the second (Isaac) was born of Sarah. Muslims descend from the line of Ishmael, and Jews from the line of Isaac. Christians branched off from Judaism.

So we are all cousins.

Strident Lutheran Position:

Christians and Muslims worship different Gods - while the two God’s share similar aspects, the behavior of each God is radically different and they can’t be the same: The god of Islam did not atone and die for us on the cross and did not destroy death with his death.

All three religions believe that there is one and only one God in the universe. Therefore it is the “same” God, as there is only one. Allah is just arabic for God.

As others have said, it is just a matter of how each religion views that God, what characteristics they believe God has.

For the Jew or the Muslim who actually believes in what their faith teaches, it does not seem possible that we have the same God for the mere fact that they deny Christ as God. In doing so, how can they be worshipping the true God if they deny that aspect of him? God can’t be divided.

Judaism and Islam might have many correct concepts of God, but it is not the same God as the Christian God.

You realize, don’t you, that Jesus was Jewish, and he was sent from the God of the Jews.

Is Judaism now the same as Judaism back then? The Judaism of today is partly a reaction to what they reject in Christianity, namely the trinity, God being three persons in one substance. I don’t believe such concepts had been fully fleshed out in the judaism of Christ’s day which was markedly different than the developed form of Judaism we see today. But if we are to insist on the point that Jews worship God, our God, what can we say about the Jew who denies the son? Do not the words of Christ that he who denies the son denies the father who sent him come into effect here? Can God be divided?

I believe we are all worshiping the same God,the God of Abraham.

I would tend to agree with you! They appear to have got many of the concepts right, such as God being “Almighty”, All Knowing, etc…
…The part about loving their neighbors as themselves demonstrates it’s obviously a “different god”.
…One that has some of the same attributes but teaches the polar opposite of the Judeo Christian God.

Perhaps a look at two documents might help explain why, specifically in the case of the Jews, we certainly do worship the same God. It’s difficult for me to understand why anyone would doubt that. We share the same early history, the same primary Scriptures, the fact that Jesus was born and died a Jew. He obeyed the Jewish Law, keeping kosher, offering sacrifices in the Temple, praying Jewish prayers.

So anyway, here is the text from Nostra Aetate (which is the document on non-Christian faiths):

And here is a document I have found to be helpful - COMMISSION FOR RELIGIOUS RELATIONS WITH THE JEWS on the correct way to present the Jews and Judaism in preaching and catechesis in the Roman Catholic Church

As you can easily see the Roman Catholic Church teaches that Judaism AND Christianity AND Islam worship the same God.

Yah it just confuses me how the three religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can worship the same God yet with such a difference of what God is. I mean we have different denominations within these three religions who have a different view as to what Gods true nature is.

Do you mean that the 3 religions have different views of God, or that within each religion we have different denominations that have differing views?

For instance, Islam has sunni and shia as well as other branches. Christianity, as you know, has many denominations, some of which differ greatly on the nature of God. Judaism has ultra-Orthodoxy as well as Humanistic Judaism.

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