Does Mary Care?


Do you think Mary cares if we pray the Rosary in a kneeling position vs. a sitting position vs. lying down vs. moving around? Thank you!

The reason why we kneel, sit, prostrate stand is to intensify what is going on in our hearts and minds by using our body…because we have a dual nature (we are spiritual and physical).

What matters is intent and an open heart.

She’s happy you pray it. Praying it is for your sake…not hers.

Does a child need to follow a rubric to talk to their mother and put a smile on her face?

God bless


The different postures (kneeling, standing, sitting, lying down, etc.) really should not effect your prayers because it is in the intent of your prayer, not your position. And as we are told, we must pray without ceasing.

I can’t kneel for long periods of time because of my knees. Some elderly can’t kneel during Mass because they will not be able to stand again afterward. Some who are wheelchair bound are unable to stand or kneel.

If walking around or sitting helps you concentrate on your prayers, then do that.

Pax Christi!

Our Mother appreciates extra effort. So does our Father. A quick prayer is nice. But a careful, thoughtful prayer, with kneeling, and maybe holy water, is even better!

Extra thoughtfulness is never wasted.

God bless.

Mary cares that we turn to her son.

Mary desires that we conform our lives to Christ.

We are called to pray without ceasing … as such one would expect that we pray:


While standing;
While sitting;
While kneeling;
While laying prostrate;
While walking;
While running.

We pray with earnest and full attention;
We pray while distracted;
We pray in supplication due to great distress;
We pray in joyous thanksgiving.


Why worry about a specific posture for prayer ? -
As if you would not - nor could not pray except in that posture …

Why worry about what Mary thinks of one particular posture over another - Mary only cares that we approach her Son in faith - and nothing more … nothing less … Mary desires us to know - intimately - our elder brother, Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity - our Lord and Savior - her Son and our God … :wink:

It doesn’t really matter but it is nice to kneel.

Don’t try and pray the Rosary lying in bed at night when tired, I don’t think it possible to complete it without falling asleep and you keep waking up trying to continue the same Hail Mary again and again.


I often pray the rosary in the car. I’ve prayed the rosary sitting, walking, kneeling, in Church, outdoors, in St. Peter’s in Rome, at the beach, etc. My humble opinion is that Mary cares about the relationship and not the physical posture or location.

What is chief is the relationship, yes… but what are you saying about your relationship with your posture?

Does Jesus care if you come to Church in slippers and pyjamas? He cares about the relationship. But what are you saying when you treat your Lord so flippantly as to dress like that?

If you can’t kneel, you can sit straight up. I’ve prayed it once while on a walk in a place where I would not be distracted. Do not lie down unless you are bedridden. Mary in Heaven is far beyond us and is constantly praying for us, even when you forget about her and go about your daily business. And when you come back to her, you had better show her all the respect you would show your own mother, and more!

In my opinion, please do not pray it while driving, because you have a duty to others on the road and a duty to Mary, and the two will conflict.

Read Saint Louis de Montfort’s Secret of the Rosary (here’s a quick link)

I would draw your attention to section 128, 129, and 143

Edited to correct sections

And what are you saying when the only time you can pray is when you perceive that your posture is perfect [which at its best it can never be] …

You are missing the boat … not one is advocating that every rosary be said with little thought to posture or what our Lady is thinking about our posture …

Of course you should pray with purpose and very pious aspect of your soul … at times … but we are human … if one is not feeling well and cannot dress and kneel to ray a rosary but could sit in their PJs and do so … would you look at them and way …

but what are you saying about your relationship with your posture?


Perhaps - what they are saying is this … “Lord, I am not the best version of myself today - but I desire to contemplate your life and how much you lived me and how you gave your mother to be my mother … as best I can - where I am - as I am” … Relationships matter … and we are to pray without ceasing … that means we will be eating, sleeping, walking working, talking, singing, laughing, crying … we will be naked, dressed casually, dressed formally and everything in between. Our clothes will be clean, dirty, sweaty, ironed, wrinkled, fashionable, out of date, ripped/torn, new and old …

We will pray alone and with others …

It is not one way … but all ways …

More important than our physical POSTURE is
We need to be humble before Mary:

O gracious Virgin Mary, never has it been known
that anyone who fled to you for protection,
implored your help or sought your intercession
was left unaided,
inspired by this confidence, I fly to your O Virgin of virgins,
to you I come, before you I stand
sinful and sorrowful,O Mother of the Word incarnate
despise not my petitions, but in your mercy,
hear and answer me!

When we acknowledge that we are
“pitiful, poor blind and naked” Rev 3:17
before the Mother of the Word incarnate,
we WILL be heard!

I am failing to understand what you are criticizing me for? I feel completely targeted with a straw-man argument.

You suggest a scenario in which I could be critical of people sitting down instead of kneeling because they were ill, although I explicitly provided for that circumstance in my post, and I even explicitly provided for if you are so ill that you cannot even sit up properly.

Furthermore I do not think I am missing the boat. The question is “does Mary care [if I lie down/move around will praying the rosary]?” and the answer is, yes. I suggested picking up the writings of Saint Louis de Montfort, who clearly emphasized the importance of kneeling.

No doubt, interior disposition is of chiefer import than exterior position, but the latter flows from the former (and the latter can support the former).

Praying without ceasing does not refer to mental prayer, but rather to how we live our lives. We must set aside time specifically for mental prayer. It’s not something we just incorporate into whatever other life activity we’re currently engaged in (unless we have no other choice.)

Here’s the bottom line. Like I said, if you are to sick to kneel, sit, and too sick to sit, lie down. That’s the best you can do. And Mary will be content. If any of our hearts were truly as penitent as we like to pretend they were, though, and truly as in love with Mary and united to Christ’s sufferings as we say our interior disposition ought to be, none of us would ever think of anything less than offering our true best, both in disposition and in position, at all times.

No, she doesn’t. Like everyone is pointing out is the mindset of the prayer. There is something about kneeling though. When we are able to kneel, I believe we should. Kneeling is an act in which we are putting great reverence towards something. As in mass, we kneel when Jesus in is physically present before us.

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