Does Media Take You To Hell?

Some of the largest sins we see take place today happens in media (i.e. Radio, Television, Internet, Print, etc). You can’t even turn on your TV without seeing “sex this, violence that.” All you ever hear on the radio anymore is “cursing God’s name this, Christians are mentally disoriented that.” Not counting Catholic Answers of course. I’m talking about secular media. The Catholic breakaway group The SSPX says that for those reasons, it’s a sin to own a television set in your home. However, it’s not all bad. You can still turn on your TV or radio and find something good that doesn’t mock God, advocate sin, etc. But you’ll find something good in media for about every 5 times you find something bad. Ironically, I was kind of thinking about majoring in Communications/Media in college. I just want to know what the Church’s official position on media is. And if it’s a sin to work in secular media, the way that it is today.

Enjoy/learn from the good stuff and tune out the bad. If you’re working in the secular media and you feel that doing so makes you go against your faith, then get another job or request to be put on another project.

We need more spiritual warriors in the media!!! Go, educate yourself, arm yourself with God’s armor. Find ways to spread the good news!!!

Examine EWTN … Find ways to get Christain supporters ($$$) … And promote The Trinity, corporal & spiritual works works of mercy … Hurray!

I agree.

I watch the local news and CNN and don’t feel that watching that goes against my faith. CNN tends to do a good job of warning viewers if something is going to be too graphic or disturbing.

The Church does not have a doctrine on the media and there is no ban on Catholics working in the media.

The SSPX is a splinter group for a reason… the expression “more Catholic than the Pope” applies literally :D. The are pretty extreme; you don’t have to listen to what they say.

You can start your own media company, however, most media today are controlled by a handful of giant, global corporations and I would do a lot of research, and pray, to determine if God wants you to be involved in some part of it.

Or, if you can, you can try to learn from Catholics how to create and be involved in Catholic produced media.


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