Does Michael Card sing about anything specific to Protestants

…like sola scriptura, faith alone, once saved, always saved? I work at a nursing home. I’m thinking, from what little I’ve heard of his, the guy’s singing is classy, like JMT’s, but I don’t want to promote errors (outright lies intended in some cases, like that which Luther used to calm his conscience) of the “reformers”–even to an all-Protestant bunch (though that rarely happens, thanks to those who think all Christianity is practically the same or who need a token minority population to feel ecumenical enough). I do play JMT for mixed crowds, but mostly ones, the words of which come right out of the Bible. It’s not the songs they remember, but palatable and usually pleasing, nonetheless.

He has collaborated in the past with JMT.

Myself, I can’t think of any Card songs that have lyrics perilous to a catholic with a modestly informed faith. But then again, it’s been a while since I listened.


“Brother to Brother” is one of my favorite albums. I’ve always been a fan of John Michael Talbot…and I’ve enjoyed Michael Card’s music for years…favorite JMT album was “Come to the Quiet”…I played that for my mom when she was dying of cancer. It brought a nice “peace” to her sickroom.

Are they like JRR Tolkien/CS Lewis-like contemporaries, you think?
I like Simple Heart, The Lover and the Beloved and Signatures albums the best of JMT. Talbot’s the angelic doctor of post V2 Catholic music, though his having a woman sing the consecration words in “Take This Bread” raises a little concern. He’s a genius musician. Card might be toom but I only heard a few of his songs.

I don’t have any Michael Card Albums newer than 17 years old, but what I do have suggests that he mostly writes songs that are reflections on Scripture passages. And he does so with both musical and lyrical genius. I never understood the book of Job as well as I did after hearing his song about it.

Can you suggest a good album or best songs. I might check it out on youtube or something.
I’m just not interested in songs that reveal doctrinal differences, like “Cursed Presumption”, my parody title for “Blessed Assurance”, which I believe is a once saved-always saved kind of song, right?

‘Spirit of the Age’ made me weep when I realized what it was about.

Honestly, it’s been so long I can’t remember titles anymore.

I can think of only one example in his music. In “Lift Up the Suffering Symbol” he makes one almost passive aggressive reference.

“In time the brazen serpent became an idol in the land
And they left the living God to worship clay
When they forgot their suffering
Soon true faith had disappeared
So some idolize a brazen cross today”

It seems to be a reference to the way the Church venerates the cross and relics. Other than that, nothing.

Even that one can be taken two ways.

  1. You could interpret it as a criticism of churchs that emphasize the cross in art and architecture and see it as a condemnation of using “graven images” of the cross. But I don’t think this is likely.

  2. I think Card is really criticizing those who use the cross as more of a superstitious talisman, but give not credence to the teachings of Jesus in their everyday lives. You know, like the typical hedonistic rock star that lives a life of unrepentant notorious sin, but often appears wearing a cross on a necklace. As if just the mental acknoledgement of Jesus were an expression of faith…

That second one seems the more likely interpretation, and one I as a catholic have no objection to.

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