Does mild treated ADHD preclude a vocation?

I have been seriously considering whether I may have a vocation to the priesthood lately and am curious about something. I have mild ADHD, treated with Adderall. Does that in and of itself preclude a vocation to the priesthood? I will not need the medication for the rest of my life, only for school. It helped my grades; they went from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s with the Adderall. I am just curious if a vocations director will look poorly on the whole issue. Thank you for any insight you may be able to provide.

umm…Im not sure. I think it depends on wh othe director is. Most probably wouldnt pay any mind to it, as it just normal treatment of a health problem. However, I know a few that are kinda wierd and may look further into it.

But yeah, for most of em, they probably wouldnt mind. Unless they’re like REALLY old school. Cuase back then there were some that were wierd like that. But nowadays, once in a blue moon.

So, yeah, I wouldnt worry about it.:thumbsup:

Like any vocation, it depends on the vocation director and the diocese. You might have a better chance of getting into the seminary if you want to become a diocesan priest rather than a religious. It also depends on the severity of your condition. Pretty much all religious orders and dioceses do psychological testing as a prerequisite to entrance, so they are likely to pick up anything that would hinder your ability to function at a necessary level.

May I just say this,

ADHD is not actually a disorder.

If a healthy brain was an apple, schizophrenia, dementia, bi polar etc would be defected apples. ADHD is not a defected apple, it is simply an orange. It’s pretty much a different brain.

Analogies aside, if ADHD was truly a disorder, then why do we consider Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Alexander the Great, and Albert Einstein great men? They were all proposed to have ADHD or at least exhibit strong characteristics of ADHD, but they are heralded as some of the greatest men to ever live.

I myself have ADHD. I can easily fall into a bad sleeping patterns, I’m addicted to highly stimulated behaviours, and my GPA at university is critically low. At the same time, people see me as incredibly successful in the ventures I pursue, and they think that I’m one of the smartest people they know. People with ADHD aren’t dumb in any way, we just operate differently from most others =P.

If you do want to be a priest, with all your heart and soul, then go for it. In fact, as a person with ADHD, you’ll arguably be more successful for it, if that’s your true passion :smiley:

It ain’t a curse to have it bro. It’s a gift. Use it wisely :thumbsup:

God bless.

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