Does mortal sin separate us from being able to do good?


If mortal sin separates us from all the virtues, how is contrition possible?


God still dwells in a mortal sinner so it’s still possible to repent with Gods grace and our cooperation.

A Catholic in mortal sin should go to confession asap.


But you need to be virtuous to do something virtuous like that, don’t you?


Yea God gives the grace and we respond by doing a perfect act of contrition and going to confession. A mortal sinner I believe still can have faith and hope but has lost the virtue of charity. A mortal sinner Alain loses the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Mortal sin - separates you - it DOESN’T reward you.
That’s not how God arranged it.
Repent means to - turn away from -

If you walk 18 miles, the wrong way - etc -
Like the Pridigal - you have to return back.


No, mortal sin separates oneself from God. Any prompting of contrition comes from preventient grace and/or the conscience.


“It is important to stress that the motive of perfect contrition is the perfect love of God, that is, supernatural charity which consists in love for God for his own sake above all. The object of such love is God’s goodness in itself.“
Fundamentals of Catholicism (Baker)

So you need the supernatural grace of charity to be perfectly contrite, but you’re separated from that charity when you commit the mortal sin. How’s that?


I just read, reading Fr.Hardon on grace that God dwells in everything and everyone, including the one in mortal sin. I could be wrong but it makes sense, because God is everywhere God is still in all people just not in friendship with all people.


Ontologically, God is omnipresent. However, that does not mean that He dwells within the soul of one in a state of mortal sin. Mortal sin does not merely weaken charity within the soul, it destroys it, thus a privation of sanctifying grace and loss of the state of grace.


“Mortal sin destroys charity in the heart of man by a grave violation of God’s law; it turns man away from God, who is his ultimate end and his beatitude, by preferring an inferior good to him.” 1855, CCC


Right I agree with this, one loses frienship with God.


Please reread my question. I’m asking how it’s possible that mortal sin separates us from supernatural charity, but that we need supernatural charity in order to have perfect contrition.


Attrition is a prevenient grace that prompts one to seek reconciliation, thereby regaining their lost baptismal grace. This sanctifying grace is obtained in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. “Supernatural charity” is reinfused into the soul and this charity prompts perfect contrition.


When we commit mortal sin, that means we love something more than we love God. But as long as it is not a vice, we keep faith and hope, those are not lost, and they can lead us back to perfect contrition and a state of grace.


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