Does my enrollment in the brown scapular become invalid if I break one of the scapular promises I made when I enrolled?


I was enrolled in the brown scapular last year, and I wear it all the time, and i’m usually pretty good at saying the liturgy of the hours or the rosary daily, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and forget. Does this mean my enrollment is invalid? What does the church say about this?


There is no pain of sin in lay confraternities when you fail to fulfill obligations. The rite you went through is still valid. If you lapse and start again, nothing changes. If you lapse, don’t start back, or if you fall into mortal sin and don’t repent, you most likely will not receive the benefits attached to the confraternity. Hope this helps.


It’s a promise, not a vow. You are fine. Even if you totally stop doing the scapular promises it really means nothing.


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