Does my fiancé need an annulment?


my fiancé was previously married in a civil ceremony. He is now divorced.

He has been baptised in the Anglican church but he doesn’t know if his ex-wife was baptised in the protestant church.

we both want to have a catholic wedding.

Does he need an anulment ?


Welcome to the forum, and congratulations. You will need to see your parish priest to get an answer to your specific question. Basically, the Church recognizes civil marriages, so it is probable he will need an annulment. The process for circumstances you state should be fairly simple, nothing to dread. At the least it needs to be investigated.


not enough info, no way to get enough info here, only way to get enough info is through an annulment investigation. as facts stands as stated he is validly married to someone else. he must approach the priest and ask for a referral to the canon law tribunal of the diocese for an investigation and judgment. Unless and until his marriage is found to have been invalid from its inception, he is not free to marry, or even to date much less become engaged to anyone.

key question not answered is: was either party Catholic and if so did they marry according to Church law for Catholics. If that were the case the matter is much simpler, but there is a process that must be followed. See your priest now before proceeding with any wedding plans.




I agree with Popes Soldier. I was married and divorced before becoming catholic. Though I’m still not in any kind of relationship, it was my understanding that I would need one if I was involved with someone. The whole thing is painless. At least it was for me. It’ll probably take awhile. From start to finish mine took about a year.


thanks all…

tom - neither party were catholic or religious so othey only had a civil ceremony

i am catholic so very much want a catholic wedding…my partner would like to become a catholic and would want any children to be brought up catholic


Irrelevant. The Church must determine if the previous marriage was legitimate or not before you can proceed


It is nice that you want a Catholic wedding. In fact, as a Catholic, you are required to get married in the Church. Otherwise, this marriage would be invalid as well.

Has he signed up for RCIA yet? Since you indicate that he wants to become Catholic, one suggestion would be for him to start RCIA and to start the process of having his prior marriage investigated by the tribunal soon. Depending on the type of case it is deemed to be, he could have his answer by the time he is welcomed into the Church. :slight_smile:

But the short answer it for both of you to go talk to your Priest ASAP. There are three areas where you need priestly advice (no internet advice) 1) the status of the “fiance’s” prior marriage, 2) his entrance into RCIA and 3) pre-cana preparation.

Best wishes!


If neither party was Catholic, a civil marriage is presumed valid until proven otherwise.


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