Does my marriage need to be blessed, and should I refrain from Communion?


I’m a little confused. I recently entered the Church this Easter (and I’m thrilled!), but my priest told me that I still need to have my marriage blessed in order for it to be sacramental. He also said that my husband and I should try to live as friends until we can do that, and that if we are intimate, that I will need to confess that. He also said that we will need marriage preparation before this takes place.

I don’t mind doing any of this if it, indeed, needs to be done, but does it? Neither of us have ever been married to anyone else, and neither of us were Catholic before our marriage. We were both baptized as teenagers in our former churches. My husband has not joined the Catholic church, if that matters.

Thank you!

Dear friend,

I’m confused also. I can’t believe that a priest could be so ill informed—unless there is something that you and I are not aware of. First of all, if you had an invalid marriage, this should have been cleared up before allowing you to enter the Catholic Church. Secondly, your marriage is valid, to begin with. The Catholic Church recognizes the validity of marriages between non-Catholics. It is good that you wrote us here. Welcome home!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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