Does praying to Mary help your spiritual life?

Does praying to Mary help your spiritual life?

Are there other saints that you pray to?

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Absolutely ,as my mother taught me Mary is my real mother.
My collection of favourite saints and blessed is growing the more I learn about them :grin: St Francis of Assisi,St Anthony,St Clare,St Patrick,St Dymphna …different ones I call on for different reasons.The more I learn about them the more they become like good friends


Yes, I think of the sacrifices that Mary made watching her son grow up and be mistreated, and get nailed to a cross with criminals on each side… pierced through the heart after he was dead… she brings me closer to Jesus…

Joseph, also, trusted so much in God Almighty. I pray to have trust like him.

JPII is special to me. I admired him as Pope and then he died on my birthday.

Little Jacinta and Francisco made a big impression on me when I was searching for the truth of the Catholic Church so they are my special saints…

and many others… What about you???


Yes, I ask her to help me with my humility, especially when receiving her Son in Communion.

St. Jacinta Marto is my Companion Saint this year, I’ve been asking her to help me develop a closer relationship with Our Lady.

St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila) helps me develop and stick to my schedule of prayer, including visits to the Blessed Sacrament.


Definitley. Our Blessed Mother is our Mother and she comforts us. I often pray and ask intercessions of : St. Anthony, St. Dymphna, St. Peregrine, St. Lucy, St. Michael, St. Gerard Majella. St. Margaret and others I can’t remember right now.


I sometimes say the Hail Mary prayer and I feel that it helps me. Mary is our Mother and she will help us grow in holiness and also help us grow closer to Jesus.


Yes. The Virgin helps my spiritual life more than I can express. It’s through her that I’ve come to understand the Goodness of Jesus Christ. As saints tell us, just as the body cannot live without breathing, so the soul cannot live without having recourse to our Mother of God.

I think that invoking her frequently is helpful beyond words. Before I did so, I fell excessively into so many sins.

I also especially pray to St. Joseph, St. Louis De Montfort (author of True Devotion to Mary), St. Alphonsus Liguori (author of the Glories of Mary, and St. Juan Diego.


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