Does presence of crickets, cockroaches, spiders and other insect indicate the presence of demon?


In the movies, they love to use insects and other pests to indicate the presence of an evil spirit or demons. Now, I know movies are fake so you don’t have to tell me that. But how true / accurate is this phenomena in real life? Does any of you have such experiences?


No. Quit watching cheap thrillers :sunglasses:


It’s not accurate at all


If only it were that simple to detect the presence of such things!
The only thing I would say is I have noticed once or twice over the years that when I have been called to deal with a large specimen, having dealt with the dangerous beast, I have noticed a feeling of self pride arising! So thinking about it you may be right :thinking:


I would say NO…but it is time to call the exterminator…


@Rutherford2, you didn’t mention bats. Bats can indicate the presence of vampires.


No, it doesn’t. But you might have a money maker if your crickets talk, your cockroaches giggle and your spiders are named Charlotte.


If that is true my home is plumb chuck full of demons. Where is my can of Raid?


No, they indicate the presence of insects. GOD created insects, they are a vital part of the natural world.


It’s not accurate. Spiders, insects etc are God’s creatures and them being around usually just indicates that the conditions are right for them to eat and breed.

There is a symbolic name for Satan as “Lord of the Flies” because Satan is associated with death and corpses draw flies. It doesn’t mean flies are evil or signify demons. Edited to add, I’ve also seen some sources state that “Lord of the Flies” is supposed to express that Satan can fly, like “Lord of the Flyers”, so that has even less to do with insects.


Hi Rutherford, most of us have kidded with you concerning your question, didn’t mean any harm… First it is not a phenomena to have these creepy crawlers invade your space…, though some are getting weirder looking, especially spider crickets, have you seen them yet? No it does not indicate the presence of demons… Peace and God bless you.


Flies is correct, I think, not “flyers”. It’s the translation of Beelzebub, literally “Lord Fly,” or the fly god. “Beel” is the same word as Baal, “Lord,” and “zebub” is a fly.


Thanks. I understand all house or dirty places have critters and it is nothing new or out of this world. To put it more accurately, whenever I have sinned my bathroom or bedroom will be filled with crickets, sometimes cockroach. When I don’t sin, they never appear.


Bats indicate the presence of rabies


I unnderstand you’re Buddhist?
I don’t know how sin and all works in your religion, but in Catholicism, natural phenomena are just natural phenomena. They don’t indicate sin or innocence.

In all seriousness, call an exterminator.


Big time into bat rescue, so, need to put this out there:


From your link:

For example, if you awaken and find a bat in your room, … seek medical advice and have the bat tested.

Have the bat tested?!? How easy do they think it is to catch a bat?


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