Does purgatory souls ONLY gets out of purgatory by our prayers?

I’m confused about how the purgatory souls gets out of purgatory… They only get out with our prayers, sacrifices and Mass offerings or can they get out of there without any of these (their suffering in purgatory counts as a way to be prepared to go to Heaven one day)?

No, if they go to purgatory there is a 100% chance they get heaven even if nobody is praying for them.

God is giving them a shower so they can be prepared for heaven. People take showers before Church so not sure how it would be any different when meeting the Lord.

Once they’re “clean,” they’re out! :wink:

Anyone who leaves this earth with unfinished penance is said to complete that in purgatory. Our prayers and Mass intentions for their souls help expedite that time there and therefore are always a welcome aid. All Souls Day is just around the corner and everyone is prayed for on that special day for those who don’t have anyone to pray for them! Good ‘Ol’ Mother Church caring for her departed faithful!

While we should pray for those in Purgatory only God decides when souls there move to Heaven.
Remember, EVERYONE in Purgatory is saved and Heaven is their destination thereafter.

No if a person goes to purgatory they will MOST DEFINITELY get to heaven. A soul only goes to purgatory if their soul needs purifying before they can enter heaven. “Nothing uncleansed will enter Heaven”. We have to be pure to see God. Masses and our prayers can help soul get to heaven quicker but the saints and Our Lady are also praying for them too. The way I look at it is when I die and I get to purgatory I’ll be so happy as I know I will eventually be with God.
Purgatory is different stages. Depending on each souls purification stage. One soul could be in Purgatory for years because of past sins they have realised upon death and is being purified. Another soul could have had just a seed of sin left in their soul and could only be in Purgatory a short period. It really all depends on how we have lived our lives. That is why it is so important we pray for them because our prayers will help them get out of Purgatory quicker and be united with God.

It is important to remember that GOD is outside of time, therefore purgation may be more of a process than a “place”. This could occur instantaneously at the time of death (which I prefer to believe). The idea of souls lingering forever in purgatory may be inaccurate.

Souls in a state of purgation are released from Purgatory by either:
Our spiritually meritorious acts (to include, but definitely not limited to: Masses being offered for them or rosaries recited for them, etc.)
Merely the passage of time.

I think it’s pretty well documented that some mystical saints have had private revelations that some souls must remain in Purgatory until the end of time…!

Well, private revelation by Saints is not binding. One can disregard if they wish.

You are correct. With the Fatima apparitions (which I believe) the children were told that one of their young friends would remain in purgatory until the end of time. What could child do that would result in that…and adults not being there until the end of time? I don’t believe those “private” revelations that make these kinds of predictions.

As Christ can only validly judge a soul, I don’t know what the child could have done to merit purgation until the end of time. Although, it is theoretically and theologically possible. Our Lady of Fatima is a church approved apparition. I think it may be imprudent to disregard Our Lady’s warnings, especially if that leads to not praying for that individual who will be there until the end of time.

I don’t either.

Maybe these kids misunderstood what was said, but I find it impossible to believe anyone, much less a child, is going to purgatory until the end of time.

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