Does religion affect your friendship?

I’m sure people here have friends who are of different faiths, I’m just wondering if it affects your friendship? Years and years ago a good friend of mine was soon to be married in a Methodist church and our differing religions drove us barely apart.

Not sure about friendships but my wife and I’s faith ripped her family apart. The last thing her father said to her was that he thought she was worth fighting for and that he had lost her to a lie. They haven’t talked since.

Friends wise :shrug: not really. I have moved around a lot so I have made and lost a lot of friends the last 3 years. Not because of religion but because of distance and difficulty keeping in touch.

God bless

My best friend of forty-plus years is a Methodist and his denomination has never interfered with our friendship at all.

I grew up in Utah attending public schools and most of my friends were Mormon. Today, twenty years after our group of four great friends met, our religions have never been a problem. Two are Mormon, and Nona has been “undecided” since third grade. They were all my bridesmaids two years ago when I married in a Catholic church. To prepare for my wedding it was so easy to find two separate but similar gown designs for my friends, one design with sleeves for my Mormon bridesmaids whom I would never ask to do anything against their religion. Of course I cannot walk into the Temple where they married but I attended the receptions. It’s so great to not let religion get in the way of me and those great friends, especially when I’ve had neighbors who’ve tried to convert me.

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I have friends who are atheists and they constantly talk down to believers or laugh whenever I give witness to my faith. Needless to say they may be friends no longer. Pray for those who persecute you though I guess.

I’ve had occasions where like two or three of my friends have attacked the Catholic Church. One even went as far to insult our Blessed Mother Mary.

Coming from a lebanese backround i was quite used to having friends from different faiths such as islam. However i have many friends who are not catholic and it’s never been a problem, there has been a few heated discussions sure but luckily we can leave it at just that, a discussion.

Could just be paranoia, but we (husband and I) just converted to the Church this year and most of our Evangelical neighbors/friends have mysteriously withdrawn from us since. Not surprising.
Also, my brother is a non-denominational/seeker friendly pastor and my cousin is a Pentocostal preacher and at family get togethers, no one asks us about what’s going on in church and how we do worship anymore, which used to be the topic of conversation all the time. I’m not saying this to be catty or prideful, but it’s the sad truth.


Hasn’t affected my friendship with my non-Catholic friends.

One friend is a charismatic Fundamentalist, and when she found out I was becoming Catholic, she asked a few questions but that was it. Another friend is trying to find her way with a faith practice–she believes totally in Jesus but doesn’t know where she “belongs”, and we talk about our faith walks frequently; my Catholicity doesn’t bother her at all. I had friends who were Hindu, and it never bothered them, either.

I have two great friends from high school days who grew up Protestant. They often jibe me about the Catholic faith (good practice for my ready answers - keeps me on my toes). I have a feeling that deep down they respect me for my faith.


I did loose a friend who was a Lutheran pastor after we left his Church. We have not spoken much since. For the most part no it does not affect friendships though. Typicaly discussions and debate. Of course ribbing each other over it at times.

That is a shame. This puts both of you in the position of judging each other. See Mt.7:1-5
We will be judged by the same measure we use on others.

We are all christians. God the Father sent his beloved son to die for us. We all worship and love the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ.

We are commanded by Christ to love one another. Jn.13:34
I have a dear friend that is a member of the Oneness Pentecostal church. They deny the Trinity and believe and teach a person must speak in tongues to be saved.
I pray for her. We can’t discuss religion. We have known each other for over fifty years.
We don’t need a Phd. to get into heaven. :slight_smile:
We are saved by grace through faith. this is a gift from The Lord to all who believe.
See Eph.2:8-9
I do not judge anyone’s salvation. God doesn’t need my help. :slight_smile:

God bless,

I wouldn’t say so. I have a really good friend who is a Reformed Baptist, and him and I get along just well. I think what helped was he’s very open-minded and never judges until he hears a person’s point of view, and I educated him a lot on Orthodoxy.

My family is somewhat of another issue, given I’m the only “religious” member in a family of secularists and semi-atheists, but I think that’s another discussion for another time.

I am a Lutheran. My church teaches that even if we disagree on certain points of doctrine. our Pastor teaches Catholics are saved by living a christian life. the basics, Baptism, Confirmation, receivng the sacraments and loving each other. :slight_smile: Just like other believers do. :slight_smile: Of course, confess and repent. :slight_smile:

God bless,
Would you judge my salvation ?

Many christians today have received the gift of speaking in tongues, including Catholics. Have you heard of Ralph Martin? He is a Charismatic Catholic Christian.

God bless,

One of my best friends is a cafeteria Catholic. I can’t talk about my faith *at all with her. Every time I bring up anything about my relationship with Jesus or our Blessed Mother, she always finds something else to talk about. It’s very frustrating. This summer we have been farther apart than ever. She blows off a lot of plans…and I think I know why. Not only has she been rejecting a relationship with God, she has begun to reject a relationship with me, a girl who’s been her next door neighbor and friend since childhood. I don’t know what to do. My faith is my life and I won’t avoid applying it in any *situation. Maybe my friend and I were meant to grow apart but it hurts.
Your religion must be your life no matter how many people turn the other way.
God Bless you all!

Hello Jean29. Welcome to CA. I see you are part of the LCMS. That is where I used to belong. There are some other great Lutherans on the forums also. Once again welcome.

Friendships, no. Aquaintances, yes.

One person was very friendly, knowing (or was it thinking :wink: in his mind) that I’m a Christian. When he found out I’m a Catholic, he mentioned something about "drinking the Kool-aid. :slight_smile: He’s been unfriendly ever since.

People are strange.

I have only this advice - Think it. Don’t say it.

You don’t have to say aloud every thing that comes into your head. God can be your life without annoying and losing your very good, long-time friend.

Well, maybe I have more advice. Call her and make plans for lunch, telling her that you realize you’ve been making her uncomfortable. Promise that you won’t bring up your religion at all during your lunch together.

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