Does Romney's support of minimum wage indicate shift in GOP?

Democrats have repeatedly said that they hope the minimum wage will be a big issue this election season.

Six months from the midterm elections, their wishes are coming true. House Republicans voted in March to block a bill that would have hiked the minimum wage; some Republicans seem to be rethinking their position on this and other issues relevant to working-class Americans.

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the latest to speak up, saying Friday that he thinks it’s time to raise the minimum wage. The last time he did that, on the campaign trail in 2012, he got in hot water with conservatives who called him out of step with the party, prompting him to reverse himself.

But now, Romney and a few other Republicans have started to push for their party to shift its stance on working-class issues.

“I think we oughta raise it,” Romney said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “Because, frankly, our party is all about more jobs and better pay and I think communicating that is important to us.”

Last week, on the same show, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said that Republicans need to change their position on the minimum wage. Minnesota has one of the lowest minimum wages in the nation, at $6.15 an hour; Pawlenty vetoed a bill that would have raised it when he was governor.

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CBO report: Minimum wage hike could cost 500,000 jobs

Raising the mimum wage may be too risky if there could be lots of job losses.

I thought the Left said we shouldn’t trust anything Romney says?

I didn’t see much of a substantive case. I don’t think people should be swayed because “so-and-so said so”. Especially small business owners. :rolleyes:

Why not create jobs where owners can afford to pay an increased minimum wage? What’s going to happen to the work that needs to be done at those 500,000 jobs? They have to get somebody to do it, unless they can automate or can afford to eliminate the jobs. Surly we can figure out a way to stamp out severe poverty.

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I don’t like how the only options are “increased substantially” or “not increased at all”. A small increase may work. I definitely do not believe it should be $15 an hour or something like that.

Why not raise minimum wage and cut taxes on businesses? That’s like a win win. Workers get paid more, and companies can afford to pay them more due to less taxes. The government can also make that money back from income tax on the workers getting paid more.

It wouldn’t be that risky to smart business owners. Minimum wage earners only make a miniscule percentage of the working population. A smart business owner knows that inflation is going to occur anyway and so should prepare for it. A moderate increase in minimum wages should not have that much impact on their viability and bottom line.

Nothing changed…just the latest attempt in a 4 decade run of the GOP getting simple minded but hard working people to believe their leaders are good ol’ boys like they are…before everyone’s right wing panties get in a bunch, let me add that the Democrats are no better!

Make the minimum wage $25/hour. That is a living wage. Those who still have work will be doing fairly well. For the rest, we can raise the debt limit and China will loan us the public assistance funds.

Conservatives are not real christians. they worship mammon and the ways of this world and are very greedy and money loving and need to change their ways and become more spiritual.

Take out the first rung of the ladder and you will get fewer people able to climb the ladder. In other words, you will create an ever growing underclass more and more dependent on government entitlements for the basics. The wealthy will be fine. What people forget about the minimum wage is that they are not meant to be “living wage” jobs or careers. They are meant as a stepping stone, not a permanent position.

What needs to be done is cut taxes, eliminate unnecessary regulation on businesses, and then watch the economy take off. Opportunity for advancement and pursuing your dreams is better than a government check.


Yes GOP, vote to block a raise in the minimum wage. . . .

And then choose a candidate who agrees and hope that you will win the Presidency.

So wait for that trickle down economics to take effect.

Given what the Holy Father has recently stated regarding the unjust inequality of wealth,; I have a feeling this is not the progress he would have in mind for a society.

That’s not only a broad generalization, it’s false on many counts (not to mention off-topic). I happen to know many conservatives, Catholic and non-Catholic and they are not any less spiritual nor more greedy than their liberal counterparts.

The above is an interesting read. It’s conclusion is that, while conservatives exceed “liberals” in charitable giving, the rates are nearly equal when religion is factored out. So, conservatives are generous to community AND church while “liberals” give comparably to community and less to church.

Sounds like Mitt is running again. What do you think?

How much was the increase in the minimum wage? While I support a moderate increase in minimum wage and having it increased annually tied in with inflation I don’t support a radical increase (from $7 to $14) as that can definitely have a negative impact on small businesses. A minimum wage is not a living wage. People should be able to pursue education via trades, college, University to help achieve a living wage.

How do you think people can pursue education etc. without a living wage? I’m not quite sure I understand your point.

Yes, Ringil. The Democrats will demagogue this issue in an attempt to divert attention away from both the “booming” 0.1% growth economy they’ve created and the failed foreign policy. They will keep promising money to people to get more votes…

I am not so sure that this is a winning issue for the Democrats, unless they can mobilize enough minimum wage earners to vote.

The best way to deal with inequality is a growing economy that gives people opportunities to rise out of poverty or low-income status. The problem is that doesn’t help the Democrats get more voters, nor does it satisfy the guilt of liberals.

Also, last I checked, the Holy Father does is not necessarily an expert in economics.


You get an education to gain the marketable skills to land a job that pays a living wage. Education first, living wage second. There are ways to pursue an education on a low income. Community colleges are a great way to pursue higher education at a decent price.


Simple. Accessibility to student loans to finance such education. Also Colleges/Universities should be required to provide what the employment prospects are for such programs and what can one reasonably be expected to earn in those fields.

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