Does same sex marriage mean automatic excommunication?


My question is: If a Catholic enters into a same-sex marriage, is he or she excommunicated automatically, similar to those who procure and abortion?

A follow up: My sister is about to go through with this. As a practicing Catholic and future seminarian, I am of the opinion that I should not attend. Is that the correct stance or should I attend? Thanks for your help!

Dear friend,

There is currently no excommunication connected with the attempt to marry a member of one’s own sex. I say “attempt” because members of the same sex cannot perform the marital embrace. Any attempt to do so, is simply and accommodation due to the fact that their bodies are not compatible.

It is hard to see how your presence at the ceremony would be seen as anything other than approval and therefore would not be appropriate.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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