Does Satan acknowledge our Father’s rule over him?


I ask this question as I’m in the process of writing a dialog between our Father and Satan in which I have the evil one calling God the Father “your Majesty”. I am not sure if that is a realistic way in which Satan views the Father. The evil one must know that he can be wiped-out at any moment, that he is inferior to God.

Thanks in advance for any and all guidance and advice.

Ed in Tampa

Hello, BenRosa!

Before I address your question, I’d like to mention a few things:

  • We can never entirely know God’s plan, and therefore his direct orientation on each subject matter (besides those things that are moral).
  • Likewise would go in the opposing direction, with the exception of poor decision making on Satan’s part. He is not cause of all evil, but he is the cause of FIRST evil (and many more evils of course; Simply not all of them).

In such regards, we can assume that he had not assumed beatific vision and does not acknowledge God as his superior because he did not accept God’s supremacy when he was given the chance. At the very most, I would say that Satan, and all the fallen angels for that matter, regard God as creator at best.

Secondly, time frame might also matter. Since we do not know the nature of the test that Satan undertook when he was Lucifer, we can not accurately detail what he would have been like BEFORE the test. In addition to such, there is the question of why God would have angels glorifying him if they weren’t given a choice (the choice was the test, in whatever nature it might have been) and therefore puppets that can’t love.

I hope this helps!

My guess is that he could, yes, call Him King or Father, but only through clenched teeth, as he is full of jealousy and hate.

Your dedication to realism in the dialouge you’ll be creating out of thin air is a testament to something.

Yes, my second story is a take on the Book of Job but in modern times. As you may know, at the beginning of the Book of Job, there is a short discourse between our Father and Satan (regarding Job).

I’ve a similar dialog but was not sure if, or how, Satan would address our Father. I like Svid’s idea of grudgingly having him use “Father”. I wouldn’t think Satan could get the word “majesty” out of his mouth (in addressing God).

Ed in Tampa


Here’s the problem I see with this. We are told that Satan was a beautiful creature. And, that his sin was pride. The cause of his fall from the status he once enjoyed. He also knows his fate is sealed.
If he was filled with such a pride to start with, then you must keep that line of theology through the bit.

Here’s a piece of rough draft from the story written late last night…

*“You know that man Joseph of whom you are so pleased; the one whom you let live?

“Yes, Joe; one of My dedicated workers in the field.”

“Well it is my belief Father, that this dedication to You is based on naiveté, or perhaps, a certain gullibility if You do not mind me being so frank. I mean, the poor boy has not even tasted a fraction of what the world has to offer him, sheltered his whole life in the womb of your Church, surrounded by those in your legion. It is no wonder regarding his dedication. All he knows is You.”

“And you believe that Joe, having a taste of what you have to offer, would forsake his dedication to Me?”

“I only suggest that to know a man’s real dedication to You, that man must be aware of all his options. In Joe’s case, he has not been, how shall I say…sufficiently tested.”

“And you would like to provide Joe the full range of his options?”

“It will be the only way to know Father.”

“You mean for you to know.”

“He is only a young man, incapable of such dedication at his tender age. Besides, he is alone in the world. Permit me, Father, to show him just a sliver of what I can offer.”

“You may present my servant Joe this sliver of what you believe will have him run from Me with the condition that his life not be taken.”

The Evil One quietly slipped away.*

Please, Job is of “tender age”?

Please substantiate any basis to hint he is alone in the world when the bible tells us he does somehow manage to have a wife and… I give up. Did you read the text?
If he was married, he was tested. Unless being married is not a challenge, being a husband and father is not a challenge. He was tested prior to this event.

What age do you think Job was at his time of trial in your humble estimation?

Strawberry Jam…please. My story is based on The Book of Job…it is not about Job. The young man in my story is named Joe. (I actually thought of calling my story “The Book of Joe”, but it was taken.)

Joe grew up in an orphanage and is eighteen years old. He was saved from abortion by his guardian angle. Anyway…do you have any other feedback on my dialog?

By the way, I just thought the phrase “living is easy with eyes closed” would be a good line from Satan to use in the bit, but I don’t want Apple Records to put the wrath of lawyers on me.

There is no connection to the Job story then. Gotcha. Good luck with this book!
I did not know the “angle” you were coming from.:wink:

Thanks Jam!

I hope to have it available by the end of summer.

May His hand be over us today and always.

I Imagine Satan Somewhat Snarkily Greeting God Like----

“Hail And Greetings, You SOB!!!” :smiley:

Do A Little Bow As An Afterthought…:stuck_out_tongue:


Scripture we have of such encounters doesn’t have Satan being so obnoxious…however, I think a bit more sarcasm could be in order to drive home the point of his displeasure in having to ask permission of the Almighty.


True. :smiley:

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