does satan possess people

I head that when a demon is cast out he goes back to hell and cant come back so does satan just direct his demons and not get his hands dirty or does he persoannlly possess people because that must be worse then a standard demon

Start studying your faith, and stop listening to people, saying “I heard”…

That’s just not a good way to get your catechesis, and a good way to be misled.

That sounds more like something from “Supernatural” than Catholic teaching. Who knows how the devil works?


…that’s difficult to say… Satan is a spiritual being and he is bent on derailing God’s Salvific Plan… could/can he posses people? I imagine so… yet, consider how short a trip it is for him since we are bent on embracing anything anti-God (demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, monsters…); how far is that from a person cursing him/herself or offering his/her children to Satan…

…I’m not being judgmental of you… but just consider the reason why you chose your screen name; what would have possessed you to do such thing… specially coming to a Catholic site?

…hollowood (and its minions) has been doing great indoctrination for decades… people have come believe that “evil” is cool/grand/fantabulous and “good” bland/uncool/aged; so many choose to emulate death and destruction rather than Life and Hope.

…consider, then, to which people would Satan and his minions be drawn, to those who embrace evil or to those who reject it?

Maran atha!


There are groups that have a Satanic belief system. Some claim that Satan is their god or object/spirit of worship. Demonic possession is quite real.


I would imagine if satan himself possessed someone, that would be much different than a lower demon, probably be extremely powerful, more than anything an exorcist has ever seen.

I agree.

The answer to both of these questions is in the bible!

When a demon is cast out he not only can come back, but will try to and will bring other demons with it.

Satan in this verse is getting “his hands dirty” and personally trying to corrupt a man. He failed.

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