Does seeing Mary happen often?


I’m asking this as I’m not sure per the meaning of the matter. Though, am thinking it might be a party to my call to Catholicism. I’m 35 and am in the process of RCIA after many years questioning the matter and this one incident always strikes me as having made an impact. Growing up, I was abused by my step family. The result of an affair of sorts my step father never really treated me well and by the age of 15 things were getting extreme. One day, after many other problems in late winter my mom and he were having a massive fight in which he threw her across the room. I got up and tackled him and hit as often as I was able before racing out the door and just not stopping. Knowing he’d be looking for me I made a track through the woods before finding my way to the main road. I was somewhere between despondent and raging and just couldn’t think to stop and kept walking. Along the way I decided that my only option was to make my way through the countryside to a college where a friend of mine was in attendance, hoping they could put me up for a day or so till I could figure things out. This college was almost thirty miles away and there was still snow on the ground. Hours later I’d begun to calm down and was pondering where my life had gone and was poring over my time in foster care when my foster mom had taken me to Adoration. I’d always had an interest in things Catholic and finding my way to the church with her she managed to give me a rosary I have to this day. Along the way I came to an open area where the road separated a swamp leading up to another hill when I looked up at the sky. I was tired, cold and thirsty. The sky was a golden color with the clouds showing the late afternoon glow that time of year showed itself with in New England and I noticed something: there was a shape in the clouds that was oddly well defined. Along with the curves they normally had there were what appeared to be cut lines as one sees in a mosaic or a Byzantine icon and there she was, Mary. She wasn’t huge in a Hollywood movie sense. But, was just shown as a small corner of a cloud above me. My life had been hard: both in terms of my conception and existence and there I was, a kid stuck in the wild alone. Eventually I found my way to a derelict gas station that had a pay phone beside it and called the police to let them know I was a runaway. After that, though, things were far from perfect they seldom seemed to come to the head they did earlier that day. Now, I find myself praying to the Blessed Mother several times a day and at last seem to have found a way to where I belong. Though, I’m not sure if what I saw was something that is a regular occurrence to the faithful or not? Or if it’s selfish of me to think it was her revealed for me alone?


Congratulations on RCIA, welcome! Sounds like you were blessed with something to uplift your spirit. Praise God! The vast majority of Catholics have not seen our Blessed Mother, but we would love to be graced with a visit! Keep up your prayer life and grow close to Her and Our Lord. Peace. :v:

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Welcome home to the Church!

Our Blessed Virgin Mary is guiding you :pray::dove::rose:

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Sometimes God reaches out to us in times of greatest need.
May God continue to bless you.


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