Does sinning on Sunday violate the first precept of the Church?

I created a similar thread before, but the question remains.

The first precept is about attending Mass on Sundays and other Holy Days of Obligation. If you fail to fulfill your obligation other than for justifiable reasons then you commit a sin of grave matter, and if you know it is of grave matter then you have committed a mortal sin.

If you commit some other sin, for example, stealing on a Sunday that has nothing to do with the first precept, albeit it is a sin of grave matter and if known then a mortal sin.

I thought it also had something to do with Sunday rest. Would sinning in another way such as stealing violate that or is sunday rest more about laborious actions like working in a mine?

Speaking of working, does working on Sunday violate sunday rest, like an office job or even taking an interview?

If someone worked to steel silver from a mine, for instance, then he would be breaking both.

An office job would violate the rest. With regards taking an interview, I would have previously been inclined to say that not all interviews would violate the rest (for instance, if a good friend offered you a job and wanted you to call in to informally talk to you about it).

But to be honest, I would now say that unless the conversation happened spontaneously in the street or during dinner, that even this should be rescheduled.

I am self employed and have work in mind almost all the time, but the past couple of years I have kept all Sundays completely and totally free (that is, of course, also not painting the shed, fixing the fence or other tasks that are best suited to a Saturday, except in particularly dire circumstances) and there is a unique peace that is gained from this.

As Our Lord said, the Sabbath was made for man. I think that the difficulties that some have with resting on the Lord’s Day, apart from poor catechism (which was me), or disobedience for some (also partly me), comes also from the fact that they might not have ever tried it to benefit from it. We are obligated to do it, yes, but it is for our own good. After such a long time I am only now realising how healthy this day of rest is that God orders us to take it!

No. We are only to refrain from work and activities that hinder worship due to God. Many people seem to ignore the part I bolded.

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