Does someone like Jack Chick scare you as much as he does me?

I am thinking of how he treats people who disagrees with him. His undue influence on others, etc.,

I don’t see him as having that much influence, at least not among most protestants, and certainly not many Lutherans.
That said, why is it that he scares you? He seems quite easy to ignore because his message is rather obnoxious. Even his cartoon artwork is lousy.


I agree. I think his influence is rather small. I wouldn’t know about him were it not for Catholics.

I don’t think he really has that much influence these days, to be perfectly honest. I don’t know anyone who looks at his comics as anything other than source material for MS3TK-style treatment (and the occasional serious refutation).

Jack Chick? Scary? hardly.

He’s last century’s extremism.


I don’t really know anyone who buys into old Jack’s comics. They can be quite entertaining though.

98% of the protestants have nothing to do with this nut. His only influence is with like minded people. He isn’t worth the time of day nor your worry and emotions.

I do. She’s a lovely person in all other ways, but she gives away Chick comics. :frowning:

As for Jack Chick, I feel rather sorry for him. He’s a very frightened, sad old man.

Jimmy Aiken wrote a book, “The nighmare world of Jack Chick”. Maybe you should look into it.

I didn’t know who that was until my friend (non-denom Christian) showed me because he wanted me to laugh.

Not really…

If you want a great way to blow his propaganda apart you can get a terrific deal on CA’s excellent booklet. Just click on that picture.
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Come on, I use them as much as wikipedia !

I’m nearly 50 and I’ve never known anyone who takes his booklets seriously but LOTS of people who think they are funny. He’s so extreme and ridiculous most people just write him off as a nut with an agenda.

However I admit I was freaked out when I went to a small town Christian book store and found there were FULL SIZE books of his cartoons. YIKES!

I actually sort of like finding his little cartoon books in fitting rooms etc, they are good for a laugh.

I think sadly, they are dangerous in the sense that people who are categorically against Christianity and/or religion will use his trash as evidence that believers are kooky…because HE is kooky.

When I first heard of him a few years back…oh, wait, I can’t say that here…
Seriously, when I first came across his name here at CAF, I didn’t realize it was the same guy. I also thought the name was in reference to something entirely different.

I remember reading one that was very anti Catholic and it was called “The death cookie”

Gosh that man doesn’t know his history.

Is Mr. Chick even still living? I saw his comic books in a ‘Christian’ bookstore when I was very young and they were old then.

Now I am 59, he cant be still around.

"The death cookie was Chick’s term for the sacred Host. He had a vivid imagination and thought Holy Communion was pagan worship and that IHS stood for Isis, Horeb and Seth. :rolleyes:

I check back his website every so often for the latest comic. Nice to get a good laugh every so often.


While I have heard Chick-like ideas repeated by Protestants who simply do not know any better (having studied no history other than, perhaps, the last century or so), those ideas were never his in the first place: most of them are stolen from C16th polemics invented by political interests.

I sometimes do the same thing for a good laugh. but at the same time I pray for those who have bought into his lies about our Holy Mother Church.

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