Does State think Texas is a foreign country?

Last weekend, the blog Stormin’s Morning Java noticed an odd claim on the State Department website. In a list that intended to brag about how much Hillary Clinton had traveled as the new Secretary of State to foreign countries, Foggy Bottom included a trip to Texas

I figured that this was simply a clerical error, albeit a rather stupid one by a clerk who didn’t realize that Texas wasn’t a foreign country. Unfortunately, it turns out that State has apparently decided to give full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Texas, helping Governor Rick Perry by mooting a need to secede first. In their press release celebrating 100 days of the Obama administration, State continues to include travel to Texas as one of their major accomplishments:

Austin and Dallas are foreign countries, but the rest of us are Texan-Americans or Texicans

yeah i just stumpled across this story and thought it was too funny not to share, and annie i agree austin and dallas are different countries, if not different planets.

Ahhhh someone else who has seen the light. I like the hill country around austin so if we can get rid of travis county that would solve that problem. But nothing to like in Dallas so it can be removed. Then texas would be complete!

Well, recognizing the alternate universe of – I mean Republic of Texas’s independence is a good first step.
Next we should give Mexico back all the real estate we stole in 1848.

we never stole any land from mexico. all land that was taken by treaty or war was paid for. yes evn the land where the people rebeled and declared themselves free(kinda like the revolution between america and britian) even that land was paid for even though there was no obligation to.

Thanks for sharing. It is indeed too funny! :smiley:

Maybe Hillary was confused by that advertising campaign from the 90s (Visit Texas - it’s a whole other country). She was in Arkansas then, wasn’t she. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tejas doesn’t seem foreign to me and I wouldn’t consider either Hillary or Bill to be representative examples from Arkansas, either.

And to my friend in NY. Even us Louisianans know that Tejas was it’s own country before it joined the Union. If Tejas ever decided…we have more in common with Tejas than we do with NY. I seem to remember some late unpleasantries.

Of course, I live in what was the independant Republic of West Florida which was the first Lone Star Republic decades before Tejas.:smiley:

But isn’t that what those commercials say? “Texas. It’s like a whole 'nother country!”. :wink:

yes, its called a similie. thats why they say ‘like a’ and not ‘is a’

I am sure that many fellow Texans will agree with me in kindly asking you to refer to our state as “Texas” not “tejas.” We are not part of Mexico anymore…


Texas, The Republic of Texas, and The Lone Star State are all acceptable options

you ask me what i like about Texas?

Wow i didn’t know we texans couldn’t use Tejas. I always thought it was nifty to use to show are heritage. I mean our state is full of spanish influence. My friend and had this convestation about comfort food. We always crave tex-mex food instead of things like fried food that other southerns do.

I know. It was a rhetorical question…

Yes, Tex-Mex is good, because its Tex-Mex. Not tej-mex :D. But seriously, I dont have a problem with it really, as long as it is context of the real word, “Texas.” Maybe sometimes it is fun to reminisce about being part of the ‘british colonies’, but an Anglo might offend quite a few of us Americans if he could never bring himself to admit that the real name of the country he is referring to is the “USA.” That kind of attitude ignores the blood spilled and many treaties signed recognizing a nation’s sovereignty, not even mentioning it is culturally insensitive.

Tejas was the name of the provence of the geographic area we now call Texas, as it was under New Spain and later, Mexico. It is no longer called ‘Tejas’ because the Texas influence beat out that Spanish(or more correctly, Mexican) influence you mentioned earlier. :wink:

Not only that, but to claim a ubiquitous cultural influence on the State of Texas, as you seem to imply, completely ignores the fact that Texas was settled by just about every kind of European peoples, not just Spanish. We have Tex-Mex, yes. But we also have Shiner Bock, Kolaches, Wurst, etc.

Whoop for Texas!

hard to beat that mix.

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