Does such an icon exist?

I was wondering if there exists an icon of Jesus expelling the Legion of demons into the herd of pigs.

There is one featured in this video, but I can’t find it anywhere else, which is probably due to it not being a very traditional image for an Icon.

Interesting. This is one of my favortie passages from the NT, so I would like to get one of these icons.

This leads me to question though: how often do “non-traditional” icons appear?

Hm, I can’t fully answer this because I am a Latin Rite Catholic, but from what I’ve seen, not very often. However, I could be very, very wrong.

This theme is perfectly legitimate in Orthodox iconography and appears in many churches painted according to the traditional canons, where the life of Christ, together with His teachng and parables are depicted higher up on the walls of the body of the church, running around the entire interior in a distinct band or zone.

From the viewpoint of a proper understanding of the theology of icons it is not surprising that the theme would not be painted as a portable panel icon (anymore than one would expect to see it portrayed in statuary in a western Catholic church). The eastern Catholic praxis would, no doubt, be similar to that of the Orthodox Church.

You may find an icon painted by a modern-thinking or non traditional iconographer, or a photograph of the scene taken from a church wall and mounted on a panel, but such would not be the norm.

I’ve seen two; one was a small (6"x8") Russian, the other by Monastery Icons.

I found this:

(I couldn’t open the previous video link, but I think it is the same).

You could try contacting Br. Claude Lane OSB at Mt. Angel Abbey in OR. He is an iconographer and might know if any exist or where to locate a picture in an art book.

The ones I’ve seen show Jesus, the man held by two apostles, and the swine running over a cliff.


Also here

but not too traditional I’m afraid.

I haven’t seen such an icon. Just searched it up on Google, and nope. NADA!
Thank goodness for the guy above this post of mine.

But I did find this.

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