Does sundaymass held in a foreign language count towards my Obligation?


Sure, you *can *do that. But it isn’t at all necessary for the Mass to “count” for the obligation which is the question being asked.

To fulfill your obligation you must:

a) attend
b) stay awake
c) have an intent to join your prayers to those of the priest celebrating the Mass.

That’s it and even b) and c) have exceptions.

Now, that’s a minimalist version of fulfilling the obligation and someone who does just the minimum may be guilty of other sins such as spiritual sloth, but the obligation itself is still fulfilled.


In my experience (which is just that, my limited experience) Latin is used in the Ordinary Form. At the daily mass I attend, the priest uses Latin for the Gloria (when appropriate), Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.

In the Archdiocese, for large events, they’ll also often use Latin (which, because of the sizable English, Spanish,various African languages, and Asian languages represented, is very helpful).

Hopefully, one day, Latin will regain its use for those parts in which it is important for the universal church to speak in one voice and which provides easy memorization for the laity.


Because some Pastors let the Parish Council make those kinds of decisions. In those situations, the Pastor gives them the options and they pick (usually not picking Latin).


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