Does television lead us away from holiness?

Satan is always on the prowl and leads us away from our devotion to God one inch at a time. Television is but one way in which he accomplishes this. I contend that it is best to avoid unnecessary chatter which is characteristic of so much of the programming on television. This is what monks and hermits do, as they reach for the gold in holiness!

“Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might” (Deuteronomy 6:5).

If it leads us away from holiness because by watching TV we’re doing something other than praying, then yes you’re correct.

In which case, eating, working, reading, socialising all lead us away from holiness too.

It depends on the show. You can’t just pigeon-hole the hundreds of different types of programs (from all parts of the world if I may add) into one anti-Christian category (no, not even with the ‘much’ qualifier).

Now I don’t watch plenty TV myself but that’s only because I don’t have cable. My aunts’ place does though and whenever I end up staying over their place, I actually thank God for the different variety of shows I can watch when I’m bored. Sometimes, I watch a documentary on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. Other times, I watch anime and cartoons. Occasionally I run into one of my favorite flicks on HBO or Star Movies. There are even times when I check out EWTN in hopes of finding some pearls of wisdom.

Do I advocate wasting your time in front of the box? Heck no. Still, why does everybody automatically assume that the only alternative is to live like a monk? Whatever happened to moderation people? That word is still in the dictionary… right? :ehh:

TV can be nice and in fact beneficial just like any other leisurely activity. Humans (including monks and hermits) need leisure. God didn’t make us to be religious robots.

It does to some extend. Some tv programmes influence to leave the path of holiness. You’d be able to know a programme that can contaminate your faith and makes you leave the path of holiness. Tv viewing is not bad. It can solidify or destroy your faith in God. Do not be negetively influenced but be positively influenced by TV.

It’s all a matter of the degree of holiness one wishes to obtain.

I contend that virtually all television leads us away from holiness. This is why monks and hermits do not watch TV. These holy people reach for the gold by trying to always keeping their mind fixated on our Savior.

Tv is just a device. It is morally neutral.

There is nothing wrong with having a tv on. Some programs are entertaining, some informative, some interesting, and some just fun. I must have the tv on to fall asleep. I have been that way for years.

Just because monks or hermits do something does not mean everyone must do that!

If you wish to eschew TV, that is your choice. BUt do not make the erroneous assumption that that decision somehow makes you more holy or a better person than someone who does watch TV!

Watching a show can reinforce the wonder of God!

Having our thoughts and attention focused away from God is not morally neutral. Again, it’s all a matter of degree of holiness that we wish to achieve, and God commands us to pray ceaselessly.

Depends what you are watching, for example I doubt EWTN leads one away from holiness

Good question. Yes, tv can have a strong grip on some folks if they let it happen.
So can many other activties.
The nice thing about the Lord, he gives us the choice. We can’t blame it on television.
What is on tv that’s so fascinating? nothing, except the news, watch, Fox News.
Know what’s happening. We have a very important vote coming up.


EWTN is an obvious exception since most of it is God centered, but even EWTN has its more mundane programming.

I find it extremely ironic that anyone in front of a computer would be asking about whether or not TV’s are immoral.

If anything, computers (ie, the internet) can be used for infinitely more evil than a TV can. :rolleyes:

Either way, like Catholic90 said, they are both just tools and cannot be in themselves immoral. We can use them immorally, just like we can use ANYTHING immorally. Especially computers. :wink:

Computers, too, can lead a person away from holiness. That’s why I said in my OP that television is but one way Satan leads us away from holiness.


Well basically ANYTHING can lead us away from holiness if we use it the wrong way. Seriously, ANYTHING. But then it’s not the object itself that is the problem, it is our hearts.

The problem is that I think too many people use television as a non-productive past-time. I don’t think people are aware of just how easily it can lead us away from a state of holiness. The purpose of this post is get people to think, and become aware, of these things.

Television can cause us to commit the sin of sloth if we sit there for hours and neglect daily exercise or other obligations. But I’m willing to bet most people here commit this sin through sitting at the computer for too long rather than a television. :wink:

Just a hunch.

Robert, you don’t like TV, so don’t watch it. But it seems like you’re the only one around here who thinks it is so sinful and satanic, and most of the rest of us agree that it’s a morally neutral thing that can be good or evil.

Unless you are watching a show to learn how to do something evil, or watching something to take pleasure in evil, then I doubt you are sinning at all. And I agree with Debora…I really don’t know how you can condemn TV’s for being tools for evil while you are sitting in front of a computer. :confused:



But give Robert a break. There will be another member of CAF along shortly I’m sure to tell all of us that like watching tv how sinful it really is. TV, modern music, and dressing immodestly, there is never a lack of those types of threads on the forum.

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