Does the Almighty still use weather as punishment as in the OT? What about illness?


Recently, a British politician was expelled from his party for suggesting that legalization of same-sex “marriage” in his nation was responsible for the severe floods that are still plaguing the UK. Here in the United States many states (18 or so) have legalized same-sex “marriage”, and it is currently favored, along with the “gay” (i.e. sodomite) lifestyle by the current administration in DC. And we have been plagued here in the 'States with severe snowstorms in the Northeast, deadly ice storms in the South and Midwest, and a horrible drought in the West. I don’t believe that anything is random in life. It all happens for a reason. The Old Testament is replete with examples of the Almighty using climate as a weapon when his people displeased him. As for illness, well, all I can say in every couple I’ve known that cohabitated without benefit of marriage–and never married–one or both parties eventually suffered grave illness. How do my observations correspond to Catholic teachings?


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God will not punish the just for the sins of the unjust.

This is superstitious nonsense. Nature is blind and deterministic. If we had the data and the ability to process it, we would be able to tell what the weather was 100 years ago and what it will be 100 years in the future.


I believe God can use events such natural disasters to show us our need for Him and for us to turn back to God. Look at how the churches filled after 9/11.


I agree with you. I think both illness and natural disasters can and really should cause people to pause and take notice of God and their need for Him. I can’t say I think he sends bad weather our way or illness, as punishment.

The bad things that happen to us may be permitted by God so we can rely on Him more, become more aware of our need for Him, wake up to the fact that we are headed in a wrong direction, learn to be more patient and kind…whatever. I have found, as I am sure others have, that in the middle of some pretty bad storms, God’s light is the only thing to look for or trust. In the end, if we hang on and trust in Him, we finally land on better grounds.


Pax Christi!

Weather? I’m leaning toward saying ‘no’. Our Lady at Fatima said that war is punishment for sin. But weather is natural and determined naturally.

Or is it? Were there hurricanes before the Fall?

Grüß Gott!


That I can agree with, makes perfect sense. I’ve never heard that before.


Pax Christi!

Weather? I’m leaning toward saying ‘no’. Our Lady at Fatima said that war is punishment for sin. But weather is natural and determined naturally.

Or is it? Were there hurricanes before the Fall?

Grüß Gott!


Dearly beloved friends,

Cordial greetings and a very good day.

The decriminalisation of homosexual vice in Britain in 1967 was an act of great wickedness and an affront to Almighty God, the same can equally be said of homosexual ‘marriage’ now. Whilst we cannot dogmatically assert that the adverse weather that is currently affecting Britain is a direct punishment from God, I think that we must concede that it is at least a very real possibility. The UKIP Councillor is without doubt a very God-fearing gentleman and our nation needs more men his calibre today, men who will boldly rebuke vice and who are prepared to stand up and be counted. God bless him.

What does admit of no doubt, dear friends, is that when wickedness has become pandemic in a nation, as it most certainly has in America and Britain, God’s judgement will never be far off - “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men” (Rom. 1: 18). These words, it is true, do not necessarily demand any supernatural manifestation of God’s righteous anger, as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, but they assert the fact that God’s retributive justice is evident in history (cf. Isa.10: 5). Our God is no idle spectator of world events but is dynamically active in the affairs of mankind. The commission of sin is constantly punctuated by divine judgement and we could say that the history of the world is the judgment of the world.

Who are we, dear friends, to rule out the possibility that when the measure of iniquity is full up and God’s wrath has been kindled to the uttermost, He will not visit a nation in divine judgement - especially one that has a great Christian heritage such as Great Britain? Both America and Britain are now living on the religious capital of previous God-fearing generations, but that capital is, alas, being rapidly exhausted in these morally degenerate times. Evil men and seducers are waxing increasingly worse and our leaders do not inspire much confidence as regards doing that which is righteous in the sight of God. Homosexual vice is an unnatural and heinous sin against which even nature herself protests and yet we have decriminalised it and are now to permit a ‘marriage’ between two members of the same sex. If that is not a provoking of the righteous anger of God then frankly I do not know what is. So what should we do as a nation? The urgent need of the hour is national repentance for sending the wrong message regarding this detestable vice - “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Prov. 13: 34). A God-fearing administration of government which gives public countenance to religion, fosters the practice of virtue and elevates people’s minds, thus qualifying a nation for God’s favour. On the other hand, allowing vice to reign in a nation degrades it and renders it despicable, which is sadly the case with many Western nations today. It is therefore the interest and duty of governments to employ their powers for the suppression of vice by legal means even if they cannot entirely eliminate it from their midst. By so doing they will at least help in the promotion of virtue and so encourage a more God-fearing society.

Unnatural homosexual acts of grave depravity should never, dear friends, have been sanctioned by the legislature as the promotion of such abominable sin is clearly not conducive to the public good or the promotion of virtue. Our generation needs to be told again that the practice of such deviant vice against nature calls out for the visitation of divine punishment. Corporate iniquity tends to ruin and when a nation, especially a Christian nation, looses sight of the terrors of the Lord then you can be sure that it is headed for judgment sooner or later, unless, of course, there is national repentance.

God bless.

Warmest good wishes,


In Christos


I have seen that those who practise paganism and witchcraft that there health deteriorates and also close to me those who are anti christian and anti catholic (in a aggressive way)have very weak health. …no strength in their work and addictive in their behaviour and happiness no where to be seen…sad. I dont think that they have been attacked by God but as they exclude Him their life’s strength and health goes as they walk away from life’s source. But as far as weather etc and disasters I agree they can be punishment and warning…especially when govts actively anti God.


I pray for Divine intervention in Britain because the govt are determined on this course against the will of the people…


I agree, and I don’t think that God micro manages the phenomenon of weather and other natural events to such an extent.

I think that such a philosophy may just reflect primitive thinking.


And that’s what happened to the Soviet Union. From its inception it imprisoned and murdered hundreds of thousands of clergy and millions of believers. And what happened? Year after year of bad harvests caused by bad weather. Sky-high infant mortality, even though pre-natal care was free and widely available. You cannot tell me that the Lord’s hand was not involved in the collapse of the USSR.


It’s good to see a turnaround in Russia after all that so its possible for the USA and Britain.


So I guess God must have been really, really mad at pre-Communist China when between 1 and 4 million people died in the 1931 floods, right? Or maybe poor Bangladesh must have really peeved Him off in 1970 when 500,000 died in a tropical cyclone.

Or if we are talking the U.S., what happened in 1920 in Galveston, Texas, that 8,000-10,000 people had to die?


56,000 people died during a 2010 heatwave in Russia. The second-deadliest in recorded history. Well after the USSR was gone.


That you may be the children of your Father who is in heaven, **who maketh his sun to rise upon the good, and bad, and raineth upon the just and the unjust.
** [Matthew 5:45]


I am not saying or advocating that all disasters are Gods judgement in the same way as good and christian people become ill and die of cancer too. Its difficult to phrase it properly but its just with some experience that particularly ive seen close family deteriorate as they have got involved with witchcraft…their health goes, anger seethes and happiness disappears. I also see with non christian friends around me not happy with the govt policies re anti christian, promotion of abortion etc and although not a Christian are lovely healthy people looking for a decent society to raise kuds but at the moment are genuinely worried.


To Kate Jackson:

Yes, I personally know someone who, although professing to be a devout Lutheran, actually took a course in Wicca, and has suffered a very serious health crisis since.

To poker10:

Galveston is in the southern US. East Texas. In 1900 it was a stronghold for Jim Crow. Maybe that kind of gross, outright discrimination offended the Lord beyond the breaking point.

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