Does the Bible predict the 'blood moon'? John Hagee says so

John Hagee, a televangelist and megachurch pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, preached a sermon series called the “Red Moon Prophecies” in 2013.

Hagee expanded on those sermons in book titled, “Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change.” In it, the pastor claims the lunar eclipses foreshadow “a world-shaking event,” originating in the Middle East between April 2014 and October 2015.

“There’s a sense in the world that things are changing and God is trying to communicate with us in a supernatural way,” Hagee told CBN News.

Why do have Creedance Clearwater Revival in my head? :smiley:

It’s just people who are fanatically, i remember a wise man by the name of Jesus, who said nobody will know the end of the world bu my father. So if Jesus said that I believe him anyone who tries to predict the end of the world is trying to be God.

sorry Hagee is not a good example of a Biblical teacher His theology is really wacky

Yes he is. Well he was wrong before and he will be wrong again

why does a anti-Catholic dispensationalist end times preacher have to be highlighted here?
This is a naturally occurring phenomena and only wackos with nothing else to do read into this. Shame on CBN for putting this forth.

I find it interesting that this “prediction” is a potentially safe one. With the current highly explosive situation in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, it stands to reason something big could happen in his time frame of April 2014 and October 2015. It takes no one twisting religion into it. All we need is to listen to the news.

And, oh yeah…I predict we will continue to have conflict with Russia, Iran, and North Korea and this will continue to increase between April 2014 and October 2015…

And, I predict a higher than average turnout for Masses this weekend.

Just you wait and see! :rolleyes:

Yes, the Blood Moon will do that to people :smiley:

Off topic, but I live in Southaven, MS too. SMALL WORLD!

When has the world not been at the point of destruction because of human stupidity. Let’s go back to the 1900s. They had WWI in the 1910s, in the 20s and 30s came the Great Depression, horrible men rising to power in Germany, Japan , Italy and Japan. A bloody and training field in Spain, then WWII. They had it horrible.

But I do hope people begin going to mass more often.

What’s he going to “predict” next? Earthquakes in California?

Amen to that!:thumbsup:

I think a regularly occurring astronomical phenomenon should first be regarded with scientific objectivity - for example, what would the Vatican astronomers have to say about it? Likely that it’s just a natural phenomenon. I think if there were some kind of supernatural “sign” in the heavens it would be more obvious and unusual, like what happened with the sun at Fatima. :twocents:

I could be mistaken, but I’m thinking “Nothing to see here, move along.”

+The original question . . . as yet to be addressed and answered . . .re this thread is: "Does the BIBLE :bible1: predict the ‘blood moon’ "?

The answer is: YES. References to this phenomenon are contained in the following portions of Sacred :bible1: Scripture:

Joel 2:31
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood: before the great and dreadful day of the LORD doth come.

Acts Of Apostles 2:20
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and manifest day of the Lord come.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 6:12
And I saw, when he had opened the sixth seal, and behold there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair: and the whole moon became as blood:
Link to Catholic Douay-Rheims Bible for the above quotes:




Sacred Scripture is **the speech of God **as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit.


In Sacred Scripture, the Church constantly finds her nourishment and her strength, for she welcomes it ** not** as human word, "but as what it really is, the Word of God."

[quote]**In the sacred books,
the Father who is in heaven
comes lovingly :heart: to meet his children,
and talks with them. **


[INDENT]:bible1: “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they are more in number than the sand …” Psalms 139:17-18b[/INDENT]

[INDENT]:bible1: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8[/INDENT]

[INDENT]:bible1: “So shall **my word **be that goeth forth out of **my **mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which **I **please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto **I **sent it.” Isaiah 55:11[/INDENT]

[INDENT]:bible1: “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but **my words **shall not pass away.” Matthew 24:35[/INDENT]

The unsavory mocking uncharitableness of postings on this thread is really a sadness . . . whether one agrees with another Christian’s point of view . . . or not . . . does not give any child of God the right to trash and mock other Christians . . .

[RIGHT]. . . all for Jesus+
. . . thank You Blessed Lord+[/RIGHT]

The BIG problem with that is that “blood moons” (total lunar eclipses) are not supernatural; they are a completely normal, natural phenomenon.


And predictable.

I don’t recall “blood” moons getting this much attention before. What’s in a name? They could’ve called it a dark orange moon and avoided the trouble.

Might also want to check out the Catholic Answers Blog’s own post on this subject:

I think this whole thing is part of why I was buttonholed by a guy at the pro-life book sale the other day . . . I was like :confused: this sounds weird - and then it began to dawn on me that he wasn’t Catholic - I think he did say he was raised Catholic - anyhow I was thinking “I did not come here for this, I came here to shop for books” and politely as possible edged away. Which was difficult, because this geezer had a burning need to tell me all this stuff. :rolleyes:

The same man who has said some incorrect comments towards the RCC. Hagee is a end-of-times fanatic and who is a making a bundle of money with his “story-time” theological opinions.

It is true that Hagee is a fanatic and believes in some strange things (like the ‘third’ Temple etc), but the Bible does mention a blood moon in multiple places - . However, there will be blood moons occurring several different times in this century.

As Jesus said, nobody knows the hour when the Son of Man will Return - so it is possible for it to happen in this time too. .

Personally, I believe that the Return of the Christ will probably happen in the next 2-3 years, so we should be ready for it anytime (although I don’t believe the world will end anytime soon)

However these particular blood moons probably don’t mean that much,

:smiley: :thumbsup:

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