Does the Book of Mormon contain the fullness of the gospel?


“ What is the best Bible to use?” …”The one you’ll read!”

I added a KJV quote, just for you.


What we are responding to are the false teachings of the Mormon church. There’s no negativity meant towards the people themselves. I’m sorry if you feel there is. Since your profile still states that you’re a Latter-Day Saint and you say you aren’t one any longer, is there a church you are now in agreement with?

No, the way I mean “perfect” is the way Mormons in other forums (like Amazon) have stated it. They didn’t credit Jesus with doing the perfecting of others but the Mormons and the Mormon church. What I take it you say you’re trying to do with your nephew is to train him up in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6).

The Bible states that Jesus doesn’t know when He will return. Only the Father knows. That’s one of several things the BoM took from the Holy Bible.

Regarding the Second Coming, I was told by several Mormons that the Second Coming of Christ has nothing to do with the Millennium. That it has already occurred and that Jesus has been here several times. That it occurred when Jesus, Peter and John appeared to Joseph Smith and bade him to be the founder of His church and to build Him temples That Jesus came again when said temples were built and visited all but one blessing each one. And that when He comes again on the Last Day, Mormons will be the ones by His side on the thrones judging everyone.

Another of the Mormon teachings that is wrong is the proxy baptism. The Mormon church teaches that you can baptize living members (who are in good standing) in place of dead members who were unsaved and unbaptized when they died. This is part of the work your church does for your Mormon ancestors.

Having been ex-communicated, provided you don’t return, what is your view of these teachings now?


What is the name of the Mormon heavenly mother? Is it Wisdom?

I do not know the names of all the gods in the Mormon godhood, only that Mormon belief is that the Jewish and Christian God of the Bible was a human being who became a god after being initiated into the godhood by all the gods that came before. And that this Mormon god had sex with his goddess wives but the earth was populated by his union with his favorite of these wives.

When Jesus was born, He, according to Mormons was a human being. And after death, was also voted in and imitiated into the godhead which is why Jesus is able to appear to people like Joseph Smith.

There is no “Baptist Hell” or “Roman Catholic Hell” or any Hell for specific denominations. There is Hell. I’m sorry that you’ve fallen into one of Satan’s biggest deceptions that Hell isn’t real. There are many who will find themselves there who currently believe it doesn’t exist. And those people who end up there will wish Hell wasn’t real.

You see, Benji, if I call you that, the same God who is all loving also is a just God. He doesn’t want anyone to go there. But He gave us free will. We choose by our thoughts, our actions, our deeds, the way we live our lives, whether we will be in Heaven with Him or in Hell with Satan. As Catholics, as Christians, we pray that as few will be in Hell as possible.

I choose Heaven as my eternal home. I pray that you and your nephew will be there. I would love to worship Jesus together with you in His Kingdom.


Jesus got His humanity from His (human) mother, Mary, gazelam. Mary isn’t a goddess. She isn’t Isis or any of the other names people have given her. The Blessed Virgin is the mother of Jesus, who is God Incarnate. The same Jesus who is the Word made flesh who came to live among us, teach us about His Father’s Kingdom (Heaven) and to die on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins.

If you read the entire post, gazelam, you’ll see that my reference to God being human before becoming a god was in regard to the Father. I said “like Jesus was.”

No one in this discussion has disputed the fact that Jesus said that only God is good. Only God is good. The rest of us want to be good like He is. But we will never become gods or goddesses.

Your church’s teachings are very clear. I can go through my notes and references back to the official Mormon websites and books if necessary to bring up this teaching about your god having sex with his goddess wives. But I warn you, I’ve done that before with a Mormon who denied the truth about those teachings and many others. When I proved the proof of the things we were discussing, he wasn’t able to deny the truth any longer.

It would be better for you to research it yourself. I think you’ll be surprised. Once you do that research on your own, it will stay with you and since you wish to remain a Mormon, you can take it up with your elders, your priesthood, your church’s hierarchy and et the truth out there.


I’m sorry to disillusion you, gazelam. But there will be no marriage in Heaven. Period. Marriage ends at death. It does not, as Mormons believe, continue for time and eternity. There are no sealings. All of these things you do to keep your families together in the hereafter are for naught.

As I’ve told many Mormons, there is no star named Kolob (although today, with the Star Registry, I’m sure some have “named” stars by that name to give Joseph Smith’s BoM a sense of authentication). The real God doesn’t live on a planet or a star. I’m sorry your church teaches that He does. But your whole religion is built on the fanciful imaginings of Joseph Smith.


LDS Church only claims to know that Heavenly Mother exists, and that’s it. Anything else about Her is speculation. There are serious non-LDS scholars, such as, David Noel Freedman and Margaret Barker who believe that Lady Wisdom from Psalms is a living divine feminine being. While these scholarly findings obviously appeals to LDS members (not that many are really paying close attention), the LDS church doesn’t formally accept the findings of these two scholars as doctrine since new gospel knowledge comes via revelation from heaven.

I hope this helps…


Hello Catboy,
I had an experience similar to you. I was a born again Christian and then I started believing in what I viewed as damnable doctrines like reincarnation. For a while I was worried God was going to hit me with a lightning bolt. Alabama is sort of like a banana republic where religion has a great deal of control. Your not the only homosexual who has considered suicide as a result of religious interests. It’s true God/Moses forbid male on male sexual intercourse but other things are permitted. Read the book of Leviticus, especially chapter 15 on your own and especially without the help of any of those people who influenced you to commit suicide.


Nothing in this paragraph differs from LDS believe.

And I responded with John 5:19.

Why sell yourself and God short? Is God unable to make you a divine being?

Please provide all of the LDS citations you can on this topic. The sooner the better!!

No. Actually it’s better for you to provide the research since you raised the issue. I’ll take my chances on being suprised. Take care.


Please provide your evidence for your believe that there is no eternal marriage.


Jesus said so.


Not sure why this post was flagged, it wasn’t that bad. Anyway, to answer the OP, no, it does not.


Some marriage vows have the statement “til death do us part”. I don’t think Mormons would say that.


Why would I want to be a divine being when I am already a child of God with Jesus as my older Brother?

Oh, goody!!! I get to have fun.


They don’t use those words if the ceremony is for time and all eternity and performed in the temple. I’m not sure what exact words they use for “time only” ceremonies, which may or may not be performed in the temple. But here’s the words they use for the former:


“Brother _____, do you take Sister ____ [maiden name] by the right hand and receive her unto yourself to be your lawful and wedded wife for time and for all eternity, with a covenant and promise that you will observe and keep all the laws, rites and ordinances pertaining to this Holy Order of Matrimony in the new and everlasting Covenant, and this you do in the presence of God, angels and these witnesses of your own free will and choice?”



“Sister ____, [maiden name] do you take Brother _____ by the right hand and give yourself to him to be his lawful and wedded wife, and for him to be your lawful and wedded husband, for time and for all eternity, with a covenant and promise that you will observe and keep all the laws, rites and ordinances pertaining to this Holy Order of Matrimony in the new and everlasting Covenant: and this you do in the presence of God, angels and these witnesses of your own free will and choice?”

SISTER: “Yes.”


“By virtue of the Holy Priesthood and the authority vested in me, I pronounce you ______, and ______, legally and lawfully husband and wife for time and for all eternity, and I seal upon you the blessings of the holy resurrection with power to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection clothed in glory, immortality and eternal lives, and seal upon you the blessings of kingdoms, thrones, principalities, powers, dominions, and exaltations, with all the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and say unto you, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, that you may have joy and rejoicing in the day of the Lord Jesus Christ. All these blessings, together with all the blessings appertaining unto new and everlasting covenant, and I seal upon you by virtue of the Holy Priesthood, through your faithfulness, in the name of the Father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.”

(The parties then kiss each other over the altar which ends the ceremony. No exchange of rings is included in the ceremony, but may be done after the ceremony. The couple is then congratulated by their guests and the Sealer and the party leaves to change to street clothing.)

I’m not sure if these are the exact words. They are pretty close. It’s been quite a while since I did it. It seems that the exact words may have also referred to taking each other’s right hands in the patriarchal grip–one of the Masonic signs that are in the temple.


Yeah, escape. As is typical with most cults, it’s difficult to just leave. The pressure that they put on people who attempt to leave is tremendous. Mormons won’t leave you alone. Even if you request it, they don’t.

On the other hand, I have welcomed the missionaries into my house with wide open arms. They won’t come. They know I have questions for them!



I did not know that, but that explains a lot.


The link you provided neglected to mention 1 Peter 3:7
Likewise, you husbands should live with your wives in understanding, showing honor to the weaker female sex, since we are joint heirs of the gift of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered
"joint heirs of the gift of life" clearly refers to receiving Eternal Life together as husband and wife at some future point. It can’t refer to being heirs to mortality since each is already experiencing mortality.
I hope this helps…

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Please provide your evidence for your believe that there is no eternal marriage.

Jesus said so.

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Please provide your evidence for your believe that there is no eternal marriage.
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Mormons get upset at the truth. Apparently the new CAF is all on board for Mormons spreading their religion on a supposedly Catholic forum. I want no part.

Bye y’all. It’s been good and 10 years is a good run.


Well I know I’ll miss you.


You didn’t need to withdraw your post, Lemuel. The contents are well known to many who aren’t Mormons. It should be known to all, imo.

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