Does the Catholic church approve Soulcore?


Does anyone know more about Soulcore and if the Catholic church officially approves it? Here’s one link about it

and here is another


Soulcore is in good standing with the Church. I don’t know if they are in the “Catholic Directory” but I know Cardinal Dolan is a fan (one of Soulcore’s founders has a brother who is a diocesan priest in the Archdiocese of New York)

And it’s been mentioned at least three times in the National Catholic Register:

Personaly, I met the two ladies who founded SoulCore and had a lengthy discussion with one of them (the one who’s brother is a priest). They are very dedicated to making sure everything is 100% in line with the Catholic Church and even made sure they have not stretching positions that are religious positions in Yoga.

I highly recommend them.

Here’s an TV interview from NET TV (a Catholic TV network from New York):

This is good to watch and you can learn more about them

God bless


There have been many thread about yoga and how some believe the poses are inherently Satanic. But i see here that eve Soulcore says otherwise:

Essentially, there’s nothing wrong with the poses, but you must be sure the “intention” of your exercise is not directed to Gods or religions or other things that don’t fit within Christianity. SoulCore involves similar exercises but with the proper intention of lifting our thoughts to Jesus and Mary.


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