Does the Catholic Church have an official Bible commentary?

Hello I was just wondering if the Catholic Church ever published an official Bible commentary in a single volume similar to the Catechism of the Catholic Church or the Code of Canon Law.



The Haydock commentary is widely used.


There’s is the Haydock commentary but you probably know about that

Would love to know if the Church ever published one but I think I would have heard about it by now.

St. Jerome’s commentary on the bible. I believe by Father Brown. Most of the priest I personally know have one for study and for Homilies.

Cornelius Lapide, a Jesuit priest who lived in the 1500s, has an extensive commentary on the Gospels and three of St. Paul’s letters. His Great Commentary is on-line.



I dont know about “official,” but another excellent commentary…

Depends upon what you mean as “official” and what you mean by “commentary.”

If by “official” you mean promulgated by edict of either a council or pope (vis-à-vis the various “departments” of the Curia)…then, no, there is not.

Many Catholic universities & publishers produce “Catholic” commentaries…but they are by no means “official.” Some people mistake an Imprimatur the editors obtained as making it “official.” This also includes commentaries written by prominent Bishops, both past & present.

The better word should rather be “authoritative.”

As far as what you mean by “commentary”: there are all sorts of types of commentaries (scholarly; pastoral/homiletical; spiritual, etc.).

I think the closest you’ll get to an official commentary would be the CCC. Utilize the Scripture cross-refence index.

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Agreed, the closest “official” commentary would be the CCC. Check out the Didache Bible from Ignatius Press. It’s a solid bible edition that cross references the CCC with the RSV-2CE translation, my personal favorite for study.

Yup. Was about to suggest as such. I also have a Didache Bible (but NAB translation). Regardless…a good first step in regards towards integrating CCC with Scripture in a reliable & orthodox format. Not perfect, of course, but solid.

I recommended using the CCC since the very first part of the “bibliography” is an index for references to Sacred Scripture, broken down by: book, chapter & verse. Certainly a “commentary” if there ever was one.

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