Does the Catholic Church have an official position on transgenderism?


Would it be appropriate for people with gender dysphoria to dress as a different gender? What does the Church say on this topic?


God made male and female. So each person should love and act the gender God gave them.


There is nothing wrong with crossdressing to my understanding. For the official position on it I’d ask your pastor. However anything more in most cases is probably sinful, depending upon the activity. If you were to say, enter a relationship or do anything with someone of the same gender of origin such as yourself, that would almost certainly be sinful.

But if you were to say act as a woman in a play or something that would almost certainly be fine.

Ask your pastor about this.


No, there has been no specific teaching. You will have a jillion replies pointing out this opinion and that opinion, however, they are opinions.

We are forbidden to mutilate our bodies, however, the jury is still out if reassignment surgery is therapeutic or mutilation.

We are commanded to love people, to treat every person with dignity.


Ah, I missed that he went just into cross dressing, allow me to amend my reply.


That is a matter between the person and their priest.


Sex changes are really a recent phenomenon, there were a few back in the day like Christine Jorgensen. But it it really hasn’t become mainstream until the last few years.

It takes time to get into the church’s radar, and the fad might well dissipate before the church takes notice. Like “backward masking” , where musicians were supposedly putting subliminal satanic messages on their records to brainwash the youths.

The Catholic Church never got around to condemning that, and there are very few vinyl records sold nowadays so I doubt we ever will. The same may be true with this.


There’s no official teaching beyond “Male and female he created them.”

That being said, you have to interpret this. Do we define male and female by our primary sex characteristics? Does the physical shape of the brain, the organ that defines our identity more than any other part of the body, count as a primary sex characteristic? What if two primary sex characteristics are in contradiction? What about intersex people born with parts of both that have the parts of one sex amputated because it seemed more obvious that they were the other gender, but then grow up to identify more strongly with the amputated parts than with the more complete ones? Or with both parts?

This is a scientific question more than anything else, and the answers get murkier the more you look into it.



Contrary to what the media shows, not many people can afford the “bottom surgery” and others do not want it. They simply dress and take hormones, might have some minor cosmetic procedures.


That’s a different question altogether, entirely different than the question of a physically normal man who opines that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

I certainly understand there are rare cases of “intersex” individuals, but its an entirely different situation than the fad of transgenderism.


If someone is suffering from gender dysphoria, can’t that be a physical condition? This dysphoria might be caused by the brains of transgender people developing in a way that is not aligned with the rest of their body. Nevertheless, the brain is, as far as I know, just as much a part of the physical body as the heart or the kidney or the sex organs. Just because we are in the beginning stages of understanding how the brain works and don’t understand the origins of things like gender dysphoria yet, there is no reason to dismiss it as a fad.


Sure, it could be a physical problem with someone’s brain. But I think that’s pretty unlikely for a couple of reasons.

One, medical doctors and researchers haven’t found any physical defects, test results, etc.

And two, what is the impetus for the current pandemic of this disorder? A virus or other microbe? Something that people are eating nowadays? No one has even proposed a physical explanation.

And lastly, the current treatment protocol, hormones and surgery are a failure. Folks afflicted with this- regardless of the cause- suffer the same depression, same suicide rate, regardless if they’ve received treatment or not.


Gee, a fad. Glad to know being abused/thrown onto the street/disowned by your Christian family is actually fun after all and people are just lying about it. Glad to know my good friends who have said they could be attacked or killed for it are just lying.

As an actual gay man, who is celibate because of belief in catholic theology but still feel like I don’t belong, talk like that is what drives people like me out of the church.

I was specifically referring to the idea that sometimes primary sex characteristics can contradict each other, and that it isn’t impossible under that for the brain and genitals to contradict.


I didn’t say it was “fun” to get thrown out of one’s home.

Just that the disorder is now common, while it was extraordinarily rare among teenagers when I was a young man. When I was a pupil at my inner city high school in the early 70’s, none of the 2500 students were transexual or homosexual. A few of the teachers I was warned about, yes, but none among we, the children.

The question I have is why- is it due to the increased popularity caused by the media (a fad)? Or is it some kind of mental disorder, if so, what’s the cause and how can we as a society deal with it.

Ideally, the popularity of homosexuality is just being caused by promotion in the media- it would be pretty straight forward on how deal with it.


Because we aren’t as terrified of being in public and don’t need to hide as much anymore. There aren’t more of us now, we’re just not hiding as much. I know people who were convinced they were about to be murdered when a friend or family member found out. Loss of employment or eviction was a big problem for us. There were regular police raids on bars for a long time looking for any men who might be holding hands or displaying signs of romantic affiliation. Back through the Middle Ages, we would have been castrated by the government for the crime. When gay men were saved by the allies from the nazi death camps, many were thrown right back in prison because they were still considered criminals by law and culture.

Being gay isn’t historically, and often presently, safe. There is a long, long history of fear and oppression in the lgbt community and because of that there’s an equally long history of us hiding ourselves and trying to blend in so we didn’t get thrown in prison… or off a cliff.

I have friends who are gay and like me, celibate because they believe in an orthodox view of Christian sexuality. But their churches have attacked them and told one that he wasn’t safe to have around children. Others, even a bisexual man married to a woman(again, they both believe in a traditional Christian sex ethic) was attacked by his own church for not forcing himself to act more straight.

I don’t even feel comfortable coming out at my parents parish, the one I was raised in. I’m going to eventually. But I don’t think of that as my parish anymore.


Oh no, this again. When you were young it was literally illegal to practice homosexuality in your state. I remember looking it up. It’s not that gay folks didn’t exist; it’s that they hid.


Not in Pittsburgh. Sodomy may have been technically illegal, but it was widely practiced and openly tolerated.

We had our first gay rights parade in 1973, with 150 folks marching and no one was busted.

The local news reported that thousands marched this year, showing the increase in popularity of the alternative sexual orientations.


Friend, we spoke about this on another thread and I gave you the link there showing that it was literally illegal when you claimed to be at school. Here is the link again;

Homosexuality was legalised in Pennsylvania in 1980.

I have now taken the time to look up the gay pride parade in 1973 in Pittsburgh. Here is an article from a gay man who was in it; He described it as “flanked by angry residents holding glass bottles and rocks with only two unhappy police officers for protection.”


There wasn’t a binary switch between “You could die for holding hands with a man” and Safe to be out and visible.” It’s been a slow, gradual crawl to a point where we can feel physically safe.

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