Does the catholic church have any stance on the Nazar (amulet)?

so I wanted to know does the church have any stand on this amulet? I see this sign in many places these days…

Used as an amulet, the Church of course teaches against such superstitions. Used as a piece of jewelry, the Church has no particular stance.

That said, I wouldn’t wear one or display one because to do so would make it look like I thought the Evil Eye was real and shared the Central Asian belief of the protection of the Nazar against it.

In complete agreement with Mary_Ellen. I would advise against wearing of sings that are not christian, in general. The occult power of these amulets and sings are not fully revealed to us, but we know them of having an origin not in the True God. The things outside influence us in the inside. Prudence is required, and though it looks harmless, ie it’s just a piece of metal or wood or plastic, it might not be. The occult is exactly that, it works in secrecy, in darkness and not in light. So, you do the math for this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Nazar Amulet has an eye painted on it to protect the wearer from the “Evil Eye”.

If one is a practising Christian why would one want to wear any signs of the Occult.

A good Crucifix around one’s neck is all that is required, as Our Lord will keep you safe, you can Bless oneself with Holy Water as well, all good Catholic Sacramentals.

It seems then that an awful lot of Greeks are sinning, for that amulet is extremely popular in Greece.

They even wear it on the same chain as their baptismal cross. I have a set of worry beads with the ‘evil eye’ on each bead, but I think nothing of it. And I am not superstitious by a long shot.

I’ve seen the Greek version.

It must be a Mediterranean thing, as it is also common in Israel (eye inside a Star of David) and Palestine (eye inside a square).

Apart from the neck pendants, bracelets with strings of “eyes” are common both places.

The evil eye belief is also pervasive among Mexican Catholics, although no physical accessory is used to “fight” it.


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