Does the Catholic Church recognize Orthodox beliefs?

I have many questions about the 2 religions. Are both churches Apostalic? Meaning can be traced back to Jesus.

Does the Catholic church recognize Orthodox priests ministering the Sacraments? i.e. Holy Communion, Confession.

Is the Orthodox Bread and Wine consecrated into the Body and Blood of Christ as it is the Catholics faith?


There is no one Orthodox Church; there are several. Most are identified with a particular country and language. Some of them tend to be quite nationalistic. Most were under the Pope of Rome at one time. But since that 10th century, they have been independent and there is no one patriarch that is over all of them. Since most of them have not denied any of the most central dogmas of the early Church as the Protestant reformers did, the Catholic Church recognizes their sacraments as valid. But Catholics are not permitted to receive their sacraments so long as there are Catholic churches in the area. For more, see:

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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