Does the Catholic religion have several denominations too?


In the Protestant religion there are different denominations (i.e. Baptist, Methodist, Mormon, Lutheran, Adventist, etc.) Is there a division in the Catholic religion the same way? And if there is a division, is it because of disagreement on Biblical beliefs?

The reason I asked this is because I’ve seen in posts where people have referred to the RCC and the CC. I know that the RCC is the Roman Catholic Church, but not sure what the CC stands for.

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Hi Ken,

The major element that distinguishes the Catholic Church from the various Protestant churches is that the Catholic Church has no founder other than Jesus. There is no other church that the Catholic Church broke away from. The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus gave to Peter as the leader of the early Church, the authority to bind and loose (Mt. 16:18-19). So through the popes who succeeded Peter the Catholic Church (not the individual person) has the authority to interpret Scripture… Therefore, there is total unity in what it teaches and on how Catholics interpret Scripture.

“RCC” stand for Roman Catholic Church. “CC” stands for Catholic Catechism.

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Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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