Does the Church allow "Ecumenical" Holy Communion?


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I’m a student at University (part of the running of the Catholic Society) and need to send the Catholic students an email to remind them that it is against the teachings of the Catholic Church to receive communion from other denominations.

The reason for this is because of a sign on the chapel which is used by all denominations, saying “Ecumenical Holy Communion”. A couple of students have been misled into thinking that this is actually a Catholic Mass and although I advised them that it isn’t Catholic, I came up against fierce opposition, from the Catholic students saying that I was going to insult the other denominations and that it was an individual moral decision.

Is it an individual decision? I don’t think so because Pope John Paul II said that we should not receive communion from other faiths. Is there a link to this document or an official Vatican document which mentions this or spells it out? I need this to shut the liberal catholic students up because with an official document there will be no arguing.

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Dear s,

While there are some exceptions regarding Easter Orthodox Christians whose churches have valid Orders and therefor valid Eucharist, there can be no inter-communion with non-Catholic denominations.

See #s 44 & 45 of the following:

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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