Does the Church allow marital intimacy after sterilization?

Is it a sin for my husband and I to be physically intimate since he was sterilized four years ago after the birth of our 5th child?

 Background information: My husband was baptized and confirmed Catholic while growing up.  In his 20's, he left the Catholic Church and was a member of a variety of protestant congregations for years.  I was baptized Presbyterian as a child but never confirmed and also left my upbringing to go to nondenominational churches.  

 Four years ago, my husband and I were pressured by his parents (Catholic) to get a sterilization procedure completed.  I declined because I felt uneasy about it.  My husband talked me into letting him have it done.  After a while, I agreed, but a week before the procedure, I asked him to cancel it because I had a complete change of heart.  I told him very clearly that I was not in agreement and felt it was a sin.  He got the procedure anyway, and I felt very hurt.  But I decided to pray for him.

 A couple years later, he decided he wanted to get the procedure reversed and privately asked God to forgive him.  He has not taken any steps to reverse the procedure, though.  

 After years of personal study, I have decided I really want to join the Catholic Church this year.  We have been attending Mass for about a year now, and I intend on enrolling with RCIA in September.   But I keep have this nagging question about whether it is a sin to continue marital relations since he was sterilized.  I am open to life and have been hoping that despite the procedure I would get pregnant.  Thanks for your time in answering my question.


The Catholic Church allows married people, where one or both have been sterilized, to have sexual relations without having surgical reversals so long as they have repented. You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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