Does the Church ever allow contraception?

Can someone please explain this concept, Cooperation, with regards to physicians and birth control prescription writing. My wife and I are both Family Physicians who do not prescribe contraception. A priest we spoke to told us that the church view on prescribing for unmarried or single people was different in the sense that preventing unwanted pregnancies etc was the greater good. Is this authentic? We cannot seem to find a good source for a catholic physician to refer to. We want to provide as complete care as possible but always in the light of our faith.
Evelyn’s Dad

Dear Dad,

The priest’s statement does NOT reflect Church teaching on contraception—plain and simple. God alone has the right to contracept. Whenever you have any questions regarding the moral aspects of your work, contact the National Bioethics Center in Boston. There homepage is:
Their phone number is: 617 787 1900. They are always happy to help.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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