Does the Church have a "perfect theology"?

Thank you very much for this awesome forum!!! It is so nice to have a place to turn to when I have need of a fast response to a question that I can’t find any place else. The only question left from the person with whom I have been talking is “Does the Catholic Church have a perfect theology?” I’m not quite sure what he means exactly, although, he defines “theology” as “the science of God.” Once again, than you!

I’m not exactly sure what your friend is referring to either. In the absence of such an understanding of his meaning, all I can say is that the Church has received from Christ and the apostles the fullness of God’s revelation. However, over time, the Church is led by the Holy Spirit into a deeper understanding of that revelation. So, while public divine revelation ceased at the death of the last apostle, the Church will draw out meaning from that revelation continually until the end of time. Analogously, a human fertilized egg has within it all that it will need to grow into an adult human being. The passage of time enriches the development of the human being, but it never changes something that is not human into a human. In the same way, the ancient Church had within it all that it would need during human history. The passage of time enriched the Church into the institution it is today, but it did not change the Church from what it was at the beginning into what it is today.

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