Does the Church Have a position one the RCF(Roman Catholic Faithful)?


Sorry, I posted this question in the wrong forum and I don’t think I’ll get an answer to it from there.

I have read that the
RCF is seeking new members and some of their ideas have disturbed me about my faith in the Church.
Please, I do need an answer, so if this is the wrong forum could someone point me in the right direction???



Here’s a link to their web site:

I read two pages on the site and, at first glance, it seems very orthodox, although they may be blowing the problems up out of proportion. What problems are you having with what they have posted?


This has been discussed in another thread. In that thread I wrote:

I have heard of this organization before. Although they sound good, they tend to come off like “ambulance chasers” or “class-acttion lawyers”. They openly solicit information about bishops that they are gunning for. I do not know how thouroughly they investigate allegations against their targets, but I know they have run afoul with some diocese (Albany comes immediately to mind).

If they do not turn into a vigilante organization, they may do some good. However, from reading their web site, I have some doubts that this will not be the case.

I still agree with that position.



[quote=WanderAimlessly]This has been discussed in another thread.

Is that thread still open?
Generally, I agree with them, but there are a few exceptions. However, I wouldn’t want to repeat ideas from another thread.


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