Does the Church infallibly teach that St. Paul wrote his letter to the Hebrews?


Need some help thanks


I don’t believe so. Catholic scholars hold various opinions on the matter.


Nope. The Church is only concerned with WHAT is written in Hebrews; WHO wrote it is a question for academics and scholars.


They make no such claim.


The Church certainly teaches that all of the books of the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit. As such, God is the principle author of the Bible. I do not think that the Church teaches authoritatively on the human authors of the individual books.


No. The Church has always been debating who wrote Hebrews. Multiple theories have been put forwards. Pauline authorship is the most popular but other possible authors were theorized in the early Church. Some attribute it to Luke. Some attributed it to the Barnabas. There were even those who believed Clement of Rome wrote it. The fact is, we don’t know. Almost all modern scholars don’t believe it to be Paul though. To be truthful, the Church has never infallibly defined the authors of any of the books of the New Testament. Catholics may hold modern scholarly views on authorship of the New Testament.


Maybe God Himself wrote it. It is a GREAT book.


The Church has actually pronounced on this matter in 1914, though I’m not sure if it’s an “infallible” teaching.

Text in Latin:

Summary (from Denzinger):

  1. Can we hesitate to consider the letter as a genuine Pauline Epistle? Answer: No.

  2. Can linguistic or textual arguments disprove its Pauline origin? No. Can the similarity in doctrine and themes to other Pauline epistles be taken to confirm such an origin? Yes.

  3. Is it necessary to hold that Paul alone was responsible for the Epistle as we currently have it? No, pending further judgment by the Church.

So, in other words, around 1914, Church scholars ruled that:

  1. We cannot consider it as a “non-Pauline” letter
  2. The arguments against its being Pauline are not convincing, and there are also counter-arguments to them
  3. It is possible that Paul had help in composing the text as it currently stands. :slight_smile:


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