Does the Church of Christ believe in the Real Presence?

I was talking to my history teacher he goes to the Church of Christ and says that they believe in the Real presence of Christ in Communion that it is Truely His Flesh and Blood in the Bread and the Wine. Truely There. Does the Church of Christ really believe this as we Catholics do?

The c of C started by Alexander Campbell? They do not believe in the Real Presence of Christ. If there is another c of C out there that does I am unaware of it. :confused:

Yes the one of Campbell. yeah thats what i thought but he keeps telling me they do i think he just does or his indivdual church does.

My Pentecostal friend’s church leadership adheres to… transubstantiation, so it’s certainly possible!

I would be curious to find anything that explains what c of C churches believe. Ive looked and can’t reallly find anything of substance.

I went to a service with my father in law after we had gone to Mass. It was a communion service. They passed a plate of bread around for all to break off, (my wife and I did not). The way the "vessels were handled so sloppily after that communion it would be hard to believe that this particular congregation really understands the real presence.

I’ve never experienced a c of C in the Midwest that believes in Real Presence, if for no other reason than it would be “too Catholic”! They do take the symbolic act very seriously, though, because it is so frequently mentioned in the New Testament that the disciples met “on the first day of the week” to “break bread”. Thus, communion is only on Sunday morning (Sunday evening if you missed, but missing church for them is almost on the same level of sin as not fulfilling your Mass obligation for Catholics).

(I’m a former “hard core” c of C-er)

I too was raised in the cofC and left after HS graduation. The congregation I was in, and all the others I visited had two short extempore prayers at the “Lord’s Table” one for the matzo crackers and the other for the grape juice, and they always used words like reminder, emblem, symbol.

But being fair to this denomination there is really no official doctrine and the individual may beleive what they wish about the Lord’s Supper. I am sure their are some cofCers that do beleive in the real presence, but I think they would form a small minorty,and since they have no clergy they would have no way to confect the Real Presence.

The only thing cofC preachers can do that other members can’t do is marry and that is only for legal reasons.

I remember once a small boy responded to the invitation to be baptised and his Dad a high school choir teacher jumped up to dunk his son.

They claim the Lord’s Supper is very important to them, but is just one of the prescribed acts of worship and they get it over very quickly to get to the all important sermon and invitation which is the real highlight of the sevice.

Officially no, but unofficially many members hold to some form of the RP. Thats what I’ve found out in my dealings with people that belong to cOC.

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