Does the Church recognize non-Catholic marriages?

I am a lapsed Catholic. I have been out of the Church for 15 years. Are Christian marriages outside the Church recognized and are marriages within the Church to non-baptized Catholics binding if the non-Catholic abandons the Catholic. Please help me I am trying to find my way back but I am baffled as to where I stand on sacraments, marriage, etc.

Generally speaking, if there are no obvious impediments to a marriage (e.g., previous marriage, close blood relationship), the Church presumes non-Catholic marriages to be valid. If both parties are baptized, the Church presumes the marriages to be sacramental.

That said, I cannot comment on your individual situation without more information. I am also puzzled by your use of the term *non-baptized Catholic *because there is no such thing. Please contact Catholic Answers directly and ask to speak to an apologist for more personalized assistance than it is possible to give here.

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